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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Just a song before I go.

Language Log: Never name your character Clint Flicker.

I think I found these guys because they were mocking my franglish, if I remember correctly, and I've been enjoying their posts ever since.

Have a good night, folks. See you all from England.

...and so, to bed.


Quick OT question

Is it true that you will be at EasterCon in Glasgow?

Re: Quick OT question

For ONE DAY ONLY, as they say. Saturday being the day.

Re: Quick OT question

Whoo! I'm planning on being there as well; I hope I can catch up with you just to say a quick "Hi".

Re: Quick OT question

I'd love that.

Look for the chubby reddish-brownish-blonde with the grown-out pageboy.

...oh, crap, it's an SF convention, isn't it?

"Look for the name tag."


Re: Quick OT question


I'll look. I'm 5'0", relatively small build (except for the thighs, but we won't mention those...whoops, drat), dark-brown-almost-black long hair (mid-back length) pulled back in a ponytail. I'll inevitably be wearing jeans and a reasonably loud shirt and waistcoat combination, and the name on my tag will be Lynne. I also have a short-and-rather-furry husband who may or may not be with me at the time.

Safe trip, and I hope to see you!
Safe journeys
Travel safe.
Have a safe trip!
Have fun, be safe -- all the best.
Have a fun and safe trip!
Have a good journey!

I had hoped to get to London on the 2nd, but I have just developed a nasty cold so won't make it after all. Even if I felt up to travelling, I'm sure you wouldn't want my germs. *g*

Hope you have a great time the UK.