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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


TheeSummer DayScore
NameElizabeth Bear (114)Sunday 24th September (139)0 : 1
LovelinessLovelyLovelier0 : 2
Temperature98.6° F60° F1 : 2
Lease34.55 years0.59 years2 : 2
Complexion3 : 2
Elizabeth Bear is more lovely, and probably more temperate, than a summers day
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...well, I dunno about that.

(via riba_rambles)


I was sitting up very later here in southern California, thinking, "My! She's up very late!" and then I remembered where you actually were!

I remember my trip to England, Scotland and Wales with pleasure. We opted not to see the inside of Shakespeare's first home in Stratford-upon-Avon, even though I'd been looking forward to finding his grubby little handprints and childishly scrawled graffitti hidden away in nooks and crannies. "Mum art on OGRE!", that sort of thing...

Enjoy your trip!
The schoolboy graffiti all over Westminster is definitely a part of its charm.
Our Westminster Abbey highlight was discovering that Edward Bulwer-Lytton is buried in or near the Poet's Corner, and he got a truly stand-out marker. I just stopped dead in my tracks and intoned "It was a dark and stormy night!"
Yeah, I copied out the text of his marker in my notebook for posterity. He certainly has been remembered...
It cracked me up a lot. O, the irony!
I'm stealing the quiz for my blog...

I am sure you'll enjoy your trip. I had the opportunity some 20 years ago to take a tour (with my parents, no less!) of England and Scotland, and I loved it. (Okay, there was the minor matter of catching a major cold, but who am I to quibble?)

Here's hoping you get a chance to visit the Tower, and Madame Tussaud's (or howsomever that's spelt). I spent 3 minutes trying to figure out if a wax figure was wax or real on my trip there...