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Well, Ezra has decided that if Mom and Dad have to go away, a strange monkey is better than no monkey. Also, all your laptop are belong to Ezra.

Abby... is avoiding me. *g*

Things to do to-day:

  1. find out if mevennen wants to meet me tomorrow, or if I should be sending her back to bed.
  2. practice driving the funny little car.
  3. See if I can find the Brockenhurst train station by myself, and get back in one piece (nearly; I got a little lost, but sorted myself out by backtracking. Also, saw ponies. And had a nice walk)
  4. do a second draft of "Love Among the Talus" and see if I can't get somewhere on "Gretchen & Tamara Go Bowling".
  5. figure out the train schedules a little better now that I have the lay of the land.
  6. Answer some questions from the Writer's Weekend folks if I can figure out how (they saved them until I was distracted on purpose, you know...).
  7. (?)

Tags: short fiction, uk 2006

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