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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Of the loaner cats, Ezra is a black and silver/taupe agouti mackerel tabby, charming and thoughtful. Abby is a stunning calico of the dark-red-tabby-hairs mixed-with-black variety. Not defined patches, but roaning. She has eyes like cracked aquamarines; they're pale green, with rust colored stains all through them.

They have more or less decided that if I am the monkey there is, they must make do. Abby just came over and said "Make a lap, Monkey!"

She supposes I may stay.


That is SO very cat. My Tess is getting irritated with me -- I keep sitting in a convenient location, whilst wearing jeans, so of course she jumps into my lap. And then my leg insists on continuing to move up and down in a most aggravating fashion as I continue to treadle the spinning wheel...... Though that DOES provide her with a lovely movement of string in a convenient location to bite and break.....
Well, you were beginning to suffer from mammalian assistnace withdrawal anyway.

And at my house, the dog has explained to me that he has a multicultural pack...
...mammalian assistance, that would be.
My cats are Maine Coons, much more inclined to hang out near people rather than on them. We occasionally cat-sit for a friend, Eric, whose beast Azmo has no such compunctions, and is perfectly happy to sit on your lap even if it’s already occupied by a videogame controller. Amusingly, Azmo will insist on sitting in a human lap, purring away, but occasionally hissing at us for the crime of not being Eric. I’ve never seen a cat switch between purring and hissing and back so quickly.
Ooooh, Maine Coons -- lovely! *drools* :)
I miss having cats; I wish our landlord would let us have them. I know there are a couple of pixie-bobs out just waiting to take over our household.

I could have used feline companionship during my convalesence earlier in the week after my unplanned and rapidly executed descent of the stairs.


Hope you are recovering.
Yes, thank you. Still a lingering headache, but that's not unexpected, and it's much better than it was! I was able to concentrate enough Wednesday night to get a solid start on a novel that's been ruminating in my brain for a while.
Yay! for kitties :) I have two Somalis and a moggie; they are the lights of my life. *G*
Oh, I'm glad you're all happy. (For readers, here's Ezra kissing me. :)

How's the driving going?
So far, no deaths. *g*

Keetoom paraphrasing! I LOVE keetoom paraphrasing!!!

*giggles happily*