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dissed again

Probably nobody could have missed this who was watching the news lately, but a Shakespeare First Folio, nearly complete, is set to be auctioned off at Sotheby's in July. (This guy doesn't approve.)

This particular book is notable in that it has, as near as anybody can figure the provenance, never left London. (So of course they're talking about sending it on a world tour. Way to break a streak, guys.)

The book has sort of a charming backstory, in that it's from the collection of a Puritan who nevertheless went out of his way to preserve any number of scurrilous tomes, though whether because he liked art or he liked reading them under the covers with a flashlight, I'm not quite sure we'll ever know. That library has become the foundation for another library, one with a more charitable bent. They are auctioning off the Shakespeare because they can no longer afford to keep it (insurance premiums) and also to pay for maintaining the rest of the collection.

It's expected to go for millions.

So, what's missing from this "nearly complete" edition?

Ben Jonson's dedicatory poem.

(Somewhere over there, mcurry is laughing at arcaedia. I happen to know that they have a running bet about how long it will take me to interject Ben into any conversation regarding English literature. I'm not sure, however, that money changes hands.)

And on that note, I'm off to Cambridge. See you Sunday!
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