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Received Wisdom

If I can fix it by remembering to take my meds? It's probably not a character flaw.


I have reached yet another impasse, as the Tindalosi story continues to taunt me. Specifically, I know what the kicker line for this story is. And I have the first ten and a half pages written, which is the setup. What I am missing is the climax and the resolution, both thematic and narrative. I know what the narrative climax has to be, but I do not yet have its why or how or wherefore. And the thematic climax is a great big sucking hole in the sky.

What this means, essentially, is that I am stuck wandering around poking things with sharp objects until the story hands itself over to me.

Foolish story.

I need a catalyst and an epiphany. And maybe a catfight.

A catfight would be handy.

Well, I can think about it on the train tomorrow. The train to Stratford-Upon-Avon. Pray for me; if I kill a tourbot with my bare teeth, I think they might expel me.

Tags: qotd, short fiction, tindalosi make great pets, writing craft wank
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