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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

In case you missed it buried in the muck last night, by the way, the cover art for Carnival is in. And, giving me an excuse to repost, so is the cover art for The Chains That You Refuse.

Art by Samuel Bak, graphic design by Night Shade Books' inimitable Claudia--and maybe jlassen will pop by and tell me her last name? I love this cover.

Art by Paul Youll (I am Paul Youll's bitch, apparently, as he also did covers for the Jenny books and Blood and Iron. The man, as near as I can tell, does not have an artistic style; he has all of them.) and though Anne didn't say, I suspect the cover design is by Jamie S. Warren Youll. Also, that orange will be ORANGE on the print copy. Sustaining my reputation as the preppiest eco-Gothic writer of them all.

I think I definitely won the cover lottery on these two. Also, how geeked am I that, although his face is mostly concealed behind the mask, the millimeter or so of Michelangelo that's visible is definitely melanistic?



Those are exceptionally sweet covers -- congrats!
Those are both lovely.
Oh goody! I already have your other covers in rotation in my screen saver at work, I'll grab these, too. :grin:

Love the cover for The Chains That You Refuse! And Carnival is quite striking.
You win.

Also, *sweet* write-up for The Chains That You Refuse.
Also? Ursula K. LeGuin is going to hunt you down with an axe. /Your/ non-white characters get represented as such in the cover art, and /she's/ the big-shot...
Y'know, I wasn't sure that I liked the art for Chains. I mean, I liked the piece, but I wasn't sure I liked it as a cover. But the stripe, with the more muted bits on either side? I like.

The Carnival cover is just scary. I think that's a good thing.
V. scary. And yes, the Chains design is *stunning.*

*is v. happy*
Damn! I think I might print out that first cover and get it signed when you're at FP... that's some serious top design.

Ah, covers. I was getting all nostalgic last night when I saw the crappy re-imagined covers for The Book Of The New Sun (you read that?) in it's masterworks two part editions. I have the original covers from it's four part version, when it was still fresh. Beautiful... why did they break them? :(
"Chains That You Refuse" is beyond gorgeous. "Carnival", good layout, not feeling the colour scheme.

Regardless, congratulations of course.
those are SO freakin fantastic.

*gasps and dies of fantastic artness*
Very cool.
the pretties!
Very groovy. I saw the one for The Chains That You Refuse last night, and had to show it to Janet.
Chains is a truly excellent cover. (I don't find Carnival all that compelling, I'm afraid -- it screams "middle of the road Bantam Spectra book" at me, in a way the Jenny covers didn't.)

*g* See, I was... not fond of the Jenny covers.

But I do not complain, because they sell books.

This cover, I *love.*
I think I just saw a gustibus slink away from the desputandum.

I do like the small flash of skin beneath the mask. It's the composition and the rest of the treatment that brings out my inner Meh.

*g* Well, as long as your inner meh is well-fed. And doesn't bite.
Really like The Chains... cover art. I like the concept of the Carnival art and know the orange will pop like 4th of July fireworks on most bookstore shelves. At least, I'm assuming this is the reason for the very bright color. Pop. It's all about the Pop.
I think it's to brand me as the preppiest eco-Gothic around. *g* And pop, of course.

Still, nothing will ever again Pop like the cover of Crygender. And thank God for small mercies.
Yes, the mask looks like the face of a man with a good bit of southern African blood in his veins. I am eternally grateful.

Lesa is pretty good, too, though I would have liked a more pronounced epicanthic fold on the eye.

I am really happy. This is cover art I would frame.
I believe Claudia's last name is Noble.

And the covers are just gorgeous. Ccan't wait to get my hands on 'em!
thank you!!!
The Chains cover kills, Elizabeth. Fuckin' sweet.
Wow, those are both completely gorgeous. :D
Sweet Jesu, woman, turn off the computer once in a while! You'll wear your fingers down to stubs! How many books you got coming out this year and next?
Two novels and a collection this year, two novels and possibly, tentatively, maybe, perhaps a collection next year.

Hey, at my pay rate, that's slightly less than enough to eat and pay the rent on....