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They will call him brave.

...and I just got a lovely letter from jedediah, letting me know that Strange Horizons will be buying my story "Sounding."

This is my second sale to SH, and considering how well the first one worked out, and that "Sounding" is my Current Favorite Story, I am rather excited about the whole thing.

It's what stillsostrange would call a Maudlin Ocean Story. Although it's not really maudlin.

It's also one of my two Dorothy Parker stories. (It was inspired, in part, by her poem "Penelope." The other Dorothy Parker story is Carnival, which is all about her sonnet "Fair Weather." "They sicken of the calm that knew the storm.")

The other halves of the inspiration (like Car Talk, my stories have many halves) are: a whale watching trip I went on over a decade ago, that resulted in a close personal acquaintanceship with a pair of fin whales, too much Billy Joel and Jethro Tull in college, and growing up in New England during the decline of the fishing industry.

It's about a woman and a man, and a boat and a whale, and the things people choose, to take care of their children.

And so to London. See you tonight!
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