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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Whew. I'm going to have a beer and a sitdown now.

Today, actually, wasn't a big day. I walked around outside St. Paul's (I didn't feel like paying the 9 pound to get inside, and mostly I just wanted to walk around the churchyard anyway.) And I went to the Museum of London, which is quite a lot of fun. Saw various paintings of the Great Fire, a model of the OLD St. Paul's, the Rose Theatre artifacts, and bought a wall map of Tudor London, which I wish I'd had in 2003, lemme tell ya. It would have saved a lot of wear and tear on the spines of my reference books--and also on my eyes as I tried to decipher very small reproductions.

Also had a very nice lunch with oursin at a lovely little vegetarian Indian hole in the wall buffet place. Yum. Dinner was a sandwich on the train, but it filled the hole. (I also met a delightful pink-haired life coach named Dawn who kept me quite entertained.)

I think I will have cheese and apples later.

Also, I made a Carnival icon, which pleases me greatly.

Tomorrow, the Tower of London and the Forbidden Planet signing. I think I am getting overstimulated. And about hitting my capacity for walking around looking at stuff in London.

Thank God Monday's Canterbury, and then I'm done with the research portion of the journey.

ETA: Oh, and Walker's Salt & Vinegar crisps? Thumbs up. The lamb and mint ones, surprisingly, weren't bad either.

ETA2: Oh, and thank you for the congratulationses and comments, those that offered them. I am too tired to thank everybody individually, and it gets boring anyway. *g*


I was briefly surprised that people would be dropping your lj over travelogues. . . but then not.

Personally, enthusiasm makes even a dry subject-- well, not necessarily interesting---but the enthusiasm is always a pleasure. (Though I would not wish to encourage a serial killer simply because he/she waxed enthusiastic about the joys of killing in a blog.)
Of course I left out a few words there: "Personally, I find that"

Sometimes one's own shorthand is a little too abbreviated for others to read!
They're charging 9 pounds to get inside St. Paul's? Good grief! It's not like it's the most spectacular church in London, although I'll probably get grief for saying so.

I know what you mean by reaching capacity - must let brain (and feet!) settle. *grin* Still having fun with you, though. Wish I were there!
No, it's not particularly pretty, is it? Mostly just big.

Also, I'm kind of churched out, and I need to hoard my enthusiasm for Canterbury Cathedral, since there are Scenes set there.

Unlike St. Paul's. I doubt any of my guys ever got past the churchyard....
EIGHTEEN BUCKS TO GET INTO A CHURCH? Scandalous! What ever happened to worshipping God for free? Guess I'll just have to pray outside. Bet Jesus is going to do some major buttkicking to the people collecting entrance fees to the church when He returns, I'm tellin' ya. The table-over-turning incident with the pharisees? That'll be like nothing compared to what's going to happen.

Be sure to say hi to all the yeomen-warders at the Tower for me. Remember to address them as "yeoman," they like that oodles. I think you'll like the Beauchamp tower with all the etchings... it's neat.

Why do I have a feelig you're setting me up for a fall, here???

In fairness, if you're attending services, they let you in free. But I wasn't, and I didn't care that much either.
Try the Walker's Worcestershire Sauce flavor crisps. Then bring me a box. :)
It would have saved a lot of wear and tear on the spines of my reference books

Gods, no! *cringes* Seeing broken spines and dogeared pages makes me wanna scream. My books need to be pristine, else I cry -- just ask my friends and family. I'm anal about my books, honestly. :p
Books are tools. I use them as such. I refuse to be precious about it.

And I don't apologize for it.
Try the Walker's Sweet Thai Curry. I'm a FIEND for those. The American version just doesn't compare.

And I *wish* they offered the funkier flavors - like lamb and mint - over here. *pout*
If you want a more laid back approach to tomorrow, myself and Owlfish are meeting at borough market (London Bridge Station) for lunch at noon.

Tel: 07799771309
Ooh, if you have the chance for lunch at Borough Market (or just walking around for samples) take it!

It's right by Southwark Cathedral and they have many yummy goodies for sale. It's probably out-of-season for the guy selling hard cider and scrumpy which I tasted back in November, but it's worth it.
Ohhhh salt and vinegar crisps *misses*

AND a belated congratulations on getting the story accepted AND those cool covers!
The icon, it is stunning.
Very shiny icon!
One of my college friends worked on some exhibits at the Museum of London. Except I didn't get to go see them when I was last there.

Re: Resources

Yes. It's one of several sites that have versions.

The versions I have in books are much higher-definition and easier to read, and also far superior for plotting character's movements on.
Oh -- there's an online rumor that there will FINALLY be Man From Uncle DVDs, the real ones, this year.
Yeah, I know. It's been going around the mlists for a while, and Vaughn mentioned something about it in an interview. I'll believe it when I see it, though...
It's an ugly church. *g* Just saying.