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Whew. I'm going to have a beer and a sitdown now.

Today, actually, wasn't a big day. I walked around outside St. Paul's (I didn't feel like paying the 9 pound to get inside, and mostly I just wanted to walk around the churchyard anyway.) And I went to the Museum of London, which is quite a lot of fun. Saw various paintings of the Great Fire, a model of the OLD St. Paul's, the Rose Theatre artifacts, and bought a wall map of Tudor London, which I wish I'd had in 2003, lemme tell ya. It would have saved a lot of wear and tear on the spines of my reference books--and also on my eyes as I tried to decipher very small reproductions.

Also had a very nice lunch with oursin at a lovely little vegetarian Indian hole in the wall buffet place. Yum. Dinner was a sandwich on the train, but it filled the hole. (I also met a delightful pink-haired life coach named Dawn who kept me quite entertained.)

I think I will have cheese and apples later.

Also, I made a Carnival icon, which pleases me greatly.

Tomorrow, the Tower of London and the Forbidden Planet signing. I think I am getting overstimulated. And about hitting my capacity for walking around looking at stuff in London.

Thank God Monday's Canterbury, and then I'm done with the research portion of the journey.

ETA: Oh, and Walker's Salt & Vinegar crisps? Thumbs up. The lamb and mint ones, surprisingly, weren't bad either.

ETA2: Oh, and thank you for the congratulationses and comments, those that offered them. I am too tired to thank everybody individually, and it gets boring anyway. *g*
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