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book #35, Daniel Silva, Prince of Fire.

Silva has a clean, almost turgid style that I really admire. He's occasionally a little heavyhanded for my taste, making explicit what I would have left implied, but his use of a near-objective omniscient POV is deft enough that I don't mind a bit. It's thriller-omni, but without the pitfalls of thriller omni. Actually, it's a bit Dashiell Hammett at its best. (This is the week I compare writers to Hammett, apparently.)  And it's a great POV for keeping secrets.

Which is really the opposite of my usual misdirection technique, which is to bury the reader under so much information that he can't figure out what's important.

Anyway, his plots aren't particularly tricky, as thrillers go, and his characterizations are quiet and underplayed, but it works better in his books than in most--perhaps because he has a knack for *showing* details of character, rather than telling them. Everything in his books, even the most horrific bits, are told with this newsy detachment that actually brings home a kind of sense of shock. It's a bit one-note, but effective.

And a lot of readers don't like all that messy emotion, anyway.

He has got a couple of rather bad tics, though. Case in point: if I hear one more time about Gabriel Allon's gray temples, I will scream.

Guess it's back to Dhalgren tomorrow.
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