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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

"In real life, [J.P.] Morgan was not a black magician--he was a protestant."

Preview for a new Image comic book entitled The Five Fists of Science. via leahbobet. Hello, kick me in the squids.

Also, it's deadly funny.


Yes, that looks terrific.
OMG! I don't even read graphic novels as a rule, but this one I'd read in a heartbeat.
Crack! With pictures!
Absolutely! But... they got Tesla's nose all wrong. ;D Still, I'll forgive it as artistic license.
I'm just happy, in a graphic novel, if I can tell the characters apart....
I dunno ... It was funny, but alternate history makes me twitch. 'S why I don't read it. I'll think about it.
*g* If that horrifies you, you're going to want to carve a nice wide berth around my Promethean books. Fair warning....
Well, *secret* history is okay. I got the impression from that promo section that it was more of an alternate history. And I've had the impression about your Promethean books that you don't use all that many Real People (or when you do, they've been in Faerie a lot and aren't quite what they used to be).

Plus, I'm willing to give lots of things a try. I did *read* the whole posted comic, rather than stopping at the character intros. If I'd liked the characters more, I might be slightly more interested, but they turned me off pretty seriously.
Oh, I've streamlined history's narrative in some fairly significant ways. And by 1997, it's pretty apparent that it's Not Our Planet Anymore.

And, at least in the historical bits, it's almost entirely real people.

Fair warning, anyway.
Such is the nature of the industry, alas.
omg. OMG. I am SO buying that. hahahaha!

In real life, JP Morgan was SCARY. Well, his pictures look like it.
John C. Calhoun was also scary. This one photo/drawing/something I saw of him had him look like Dr. Frankenstein or something.
I remember that picture! XD He DID look scary; more like Frankenstein's monster than the doctor, if you ask me and my friends. Apparently he was a really nice guy, though, all noble and genteel and so on. or so Paul Johnson says. *history student*
I don't usually read graphic novels, but duude, Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla? Those are some comic-book heroes I can root for!
"He's a cantankerous old OCD genius! He's a cantankerous old OCD genius! They fight crime!"

Really. *g*

And since every superhero simply must have a catch phrase, I nominate horseshit, and all it's variations, for the good S. Clemens. After all, detecting and denigrating people's horseshit was kinda his superpower, wasn't it?

::tries to figure out something snappy Tesla could say::
When I wrote him, I was fond of having him make Portentous Pronouncements.

"I shall move the very earth beneath your feet!" and the like. (And then make good on them.)

"Horseshit" is definitely Sam Clemens, though.
When I wrote him, I was fond of having him make Portentous Pronouncements.

"I shall move the very earth beneath your feet!" and the like. (And then make good on them.)


You wrote him? I didn't know that! *crawls out from under her rock* Was that a novel or a short-story? Where can it be found?

"Horseshit" is definitely Sam Clemens, though.

Hrm, question: do you think Mark Twain would be his Superhero persona, and Sam Clemens his Secret Identity. Like Bruce Wayne and Batman?
It was in a short story that serves as background for Hammered, and is thankfully trunked, and the trunk buried on a pirate isle. *g*

Hmm. Not very secret secret identity, is it?
Five fists? Yay for the handicapped!

I'll be looking out for this.
Reminds me of early LOEG. Mmmmm tre cool.