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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

reasons why I'm not doing the women authors meme, #3006

I can't take it seriously when there's no Fay Weldon on it.


Adjusting the environment

So add her. I added Sarah Caudwell, Georgette Heyer, Dorothy Sayers, James Tiptree Jr., Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey -- and forgot Elswyth Thane *whaps self in head*.
Hey, there are a lot of writers to remember. The list seems to not really be up on genre writers much anyway. And I'm not entirely sure what concepts the list was built up on aside from "woman writer". Popularity/sales? Critcal regard? Historical importance/prominence? I can remember their names? I like their work, regardless of what sane people think?

I can think of a dozen female authors, especially genre authors, I didn't see on the list (Renault, Griffith, Kress, Scott, Russ, Sayers, Butler, Gentle, Bujold, Willis etc), but I don't know if they "qualify", aside from I know their work, I generally like them, and they're women. I guess I'm hesistant to add everyone I can think of just because I can think of them.
Why wouldn't they qualify, when the book I Know What You Did Last Summer is on the list? Hello? I have no idea who would've put that down as a remarkable female-written text -- it's high school horror-schlock drivel-fluff -- as standing even at the kneecaps of some of the other writers on the list.

But then, YMMV, as always.
That's what I mean. Is the point of the thing to just compile a mega-list of any female writer we can think of period? Or is there some metric of personal affection or critical respect or? I dunno.
I have no idea who would've put that down as a remarkable female-written text

But is it supposed to be? I was thinking that either there's some meta-point behind it - I mean, everyone's referring to it as if it purported to represent the "best" female writers, or a canonical list of important women, when there's not really any reason to think so, it's just a list of books. And it's obviously not long enough to contain one-tenth of the important women writers in the world.

-- or! since no one on my flist seems to know where it originated, perhaps it came into being as a list of someone's favorite books, and whoever first latched onto it as a meme added the "women writers" tag, obliviously assuming that no-one would have a list of favorite books all written by women unless they were trying to make some sort of a point. This is the (depressing) explanation I favor.

I sort of figured that it was intentionally random, in an attempt to be revealing. (Rachael Ray? More to the point, Rachael Ray and not Martha Stewart?)


I probably don't want to know, but...what women authors meme?

Oh, hell, that was me, accidentally logged out. And never mind, I figured it out.
It is a weird list, isn't it? Babysitters Club and Nancy Drew? A cook book?
Yeah. I mean, just really yeah.