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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

best music video ever.

via shetterly.


One cannot weep for the entire world, it is beyond human strength.
One must choose.

--Jean Anouilh, Eurydice

The thing to remember, of course, in the choosing, is that every starfish counts.


It is easy to be a cynic. It's easy to give yourself reasons not to try. And whether you do so or not is your decision. But don't you *dare* try to place responsibility for your own despair on me. And don't you *dare* attack me for caring.

Every action has consequences. If you choose to believe that the bad outweighs the good, or that doing the realistic best you can is somehow hypocritical, then I'm sorry, but I think you're making excuses to wallow in adolescent defeatism.

(Most of that video looks like a Powerpoint presentation to me. (And a poorly proofread one, at that. *g*) So, yeah. Somebody could very well have done it in their spare time, on their laptop.)
The context of the comment made it come across as a little "you-are-naive-and-this-is-hypcritical." Just saying.

As for me, it has nothing to do with being a better person. I don't care whether people think I'm a good person or not. I'm not trying to get into heaven. (I do care what I see when I look in the mirror, but that's different.)

What it has to do with is making the incremental efforts. Alleviating suffering. Looking for justice.

Not for me, but because it is just.

Those incremental efforts add up.

About those incremental efforts

(Or, crawling when you can't keep walking)

More and more I find I have to focus on first principles: suffering is bad; alleviating it is good. If all I can do is make things a little bit better for someone else, that's got to be enough. End in itself, yanno.

(Of course, my childhood heroes were Tyr the one-handed and Nathan Hale, so my world-view might be a triffle skewed.)
Oh, and I'm the last person to condemn doing what you have to do because you gotta do it. Moral absolutism is a luxury, thought experiments aside.
Ahh, Sarah McLachlan. My favourite female singer... I saw her live in concert the other year, and she was stunning :)
Great quote, but I can't concur.

I can too weep for the entire world, because sometimes it's so confusing, so backwards, and so painful you have to. Because sometimes, if there is no release, there is no moving forward.

You just can't do it every day :P

Personally I just want to heal all the puppies and keetooms though.


Now that ol' lefty me has quit leaking tears, I can say that was a damn fine video. Heifer international looks like a great place to give a few bucks. I wouldn't have found it without the link.

Yesterday, I got to be bouncy on Yuri's Day (and thanks for that link - good music and a great site) and today the link makes me grateful for what I have.

That put a lump in my little socialist throat.

Not mine

Under Pressure by Queen w/David Bowie (and I speak of the original, not those awful alternate versions you find on YouTube) pwns every single other music video ever made. Regardless of politics.
Thank you.