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Ah, there it is.

I can tell I haven't been writing much lately. The brain pressure is starting to build, and the post-novel ennui and feeling of drained head is going away--and I'm having ideas for ways to start fixing Scardown.

But I bet I can get at least another week of vacation out of myself before I go completely nuts. (Yes. Writers are crazy. We come in two varieties: the ones who will do anything but write and the ones who can't stop. I'm one of the ones who can't stop.)

Meanwhile, Funny Cide has his shot at history today. I expect to be glued to the TV at 3:30 local time. And--assuming everything goes according to plan--I get to have dinner with fantasy writer Steven Brust (who has become a Las Vegan) tonight. I imagine we'll bore the pants off my husband. *g*

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