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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

scott_lynch identifies a potential Doctor Who plot twist far more plausible than the outcome of this weekend's new episode.....


This is 500 different kinds of pure AWESOME here.
I'll confess, one of the things I don't like about this new Dr Who continuity is the whole "last of the Time Lords" aspects.

I want the Master to return! He was such a great nemesis! In all his incarnations. And having an enemy who really understands you -- the last of their race -- would make it all the more difficult to seek the other's destruction. [As my slashy heart suddenly imagines four hearts beating as two...]

More seriously, I can't help hoping that the Doc is only talking about the death of all time lords in this universe, and thus excluding Romana who remained in E-Space.

[BTW, I'm currently reading a biography of Dr. Dee which spends a great deal of time explaining the Elizabethan mindset. How interesting would it be if the world worked the way Elizabethans thought it did... Clearly, the land Columbus discovered was actually Atlantis, which means there must be a Northern passage, because Atlantis is an island!]


Well, as my first introduction to "regular" Doctor Who since The Christmas Invasion (which was a good post-regerneration story), I thought this one was really good. The Doctor gets to save everyone, has a few marvellous "Been there, done that," moments, and in general...it's so good it should have been on PBS :D

That said, that is just the sort of trick the Master would use. Get the gullible bits of humanity, and prepare to take over the unverse once again.

I wonder what he was doing during that whole Time War?