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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Take my heart and take my brawn. / Take by stealth or take by storm

So far today, I have:

  1. changed the flat tire Eunice developed while I was away (tomorrow I need to find someplace to take her in and get the flat repaired and the pressure in all four tires checked, because I am seriously too damned lazy to do it myself. Also, get the tail lights looked at and get an estimate on the muffler and a tune-up. Yes, I know I lose dyke points paying somebody else to change a tail light, but I don't really care. I was going to get it done today, but the first garage I went to is no longer in business, and the second one doesn;t do tire repair.
  2. grocery shopped. there is food in the house now.
  3. cooked. eaten.
  4. proofread the e-galley for my story in Subterranean 4.
  5. gotten a note from my management company that they are being bought out by a new management company. Hopefully, this will not affect my relationship with the super, etc.
  6. coughed up a lung, and swilled dayquil
  7. made juice out of the three withered oranges and three withered carrots that were left in the fridge from before my trip. the lovely thing about having a juicer is that it allows the salvage of rather a lot of somewhat withered produce. the unlovely thing about having a juicer is cleaning it afterward.

However, I still need to:

  1. Look over the page proofs for The Chains That You Refuse, which will take more than today, and ee, I hate re-reading my own stuff
  2. start working seriously on Undertow whether I like it or not.

Right. Time to put on a pot of tea. Think I'm skipping the gym until this cough resolves.


There are dyke points? What do I have to do? Can I used them to buy plaid?
When you get enough of them, you automatically grow a mullet.
Can dyke points be redeemed for valuable prizes?
Luckily, I'm so freaking girly girl I think I'm out of the mullet danger zone! Although I can change a tire. By myself. with semi's going by at 70mph. in Detroit.

But then I want a shower.
Pencil in "Enjoy the Spring"
It's really lovely out there. I have all the windows open.
:: Yes, I know I lose dyke points paying somebody else to change a tail light, but I don't really care. ::

I'm trying to get to the point where I don't care about losing those particular dyke points. But I'm not there yet. I can take the car into the shop to have someone else do the work, but I still feel deeply conflicted about it...

Someday I'll be self-actualized. Really, I will.
I figure I really do enough in the average day that I shouldn't feel like a loser for letting professional do minor auto maintenance. I still have to remind myself that it's okay, though, and nobody will think I'm less butch for saving a little time.
Interesting that you quote "Ears of Tin" but are listening to "Valley". :)

Can I just say how weird it is to have an old friend's picture on the cover of Locus?
*g* I started typing the post on one song and finished on another.

It is also weird being there.
But it's not like they're on the same album or anything. Unless there is a _Jethro Tull: Greatest Obscure Post-Grammy Songs_ album I don't know about.
The magic of the MP3 playlist on shuffle, dude. *g*
> paying somebody else to change a tail light

I think this does not qualify for points, as head and taillights are designed so that only tiny-handed, funyun-eating bastards can change them, and charge you for the privilege.

As a possessor of tiny hands, who could not get her fingers into the space behind the headlight of a minivan (a minivan! Lots of space!), I feel that lights in cars are the Kobayashi-Maru of DIY auto maintenance.
*g* I have, in fact, changed these tail lights.

But I am lazzzzyyyyy. No excuses.
Except for the being sick, having just gotten back from a long trip, having more things to do than you have time for already things. Other than those. there's no excuses.
Where does taking responsibility for prioritizing your efforts so you don't waste time come in when you calculate dyke points? Or does that count at all? I mean, men get to do this with no loss of machismo. After all, Eunice would already be there to get the tire patched, so it's more efficient to let them do it. I do think that if you can tell the garage minions what's wrong with any degree of accuracy your balance should be untouched.

Really, bull-headed insistence on doing something just because one has the capacity to do it oneself is right up there with absolutely refusing to ask for directions, and might qualify one as a penis-envy case.

You want to take Eunice to Claude at South Whitney Garage, hon.

He takes care of Iggy for me. He FOUND Iggy for me because he was its mechanic with the previous owner. He takes care of my next door neighbor's '41 Oldsmobile. And he usually has about three vintage English sports cars parked in the shop.

And yet for all that his rates are eminently reasonable.

213-1376, IIRC.
er. 231. Fingers got ahead of brain. You know the exchanges around here anyway.

Call Claude.
You are a Hero of the Revolution.

I will call Claude.