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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

by command of HRH hernewshoes

I am:

eating: nothing

drinking: nothing, but I should make some tea soon. why am I awake?

wearing: black pajama bottoms (size 3X, only the drawstring is keeping them on my ass) and a teal blue tank with a built-in bra. contact lenses. two silver rings, one a poesy ring and one set with a watermelon tourmaline slice. six earrings, four silver hoops and two peridot and silver drops. I have a poncho wrapped around my shoulders. (Is that a real poncho, I mean, is that a Mexican poncho, or is that a Sears poncho?)

hearing: birds waking in the darkness. the occasional train whistle.

reading: livejournal. the galleys for The Chains that you Refuse. Wendy Moore's The Knife Man.

watching: nothing, but I will probably watch Mythbusters or Criminal Minds tonight, and likely Alton Brown

getting: sicker, dammit

planning: my budget, what to wear to the temp agency this afternoon when I go in for my interview, such as it is likely to be.


Hee. Yes. Mandy Patinkin and Matthew Gray Gubler. (Have you seen his website? He is totally an Us.)

The show itself, kind of ass. But it has the cute boys, and also I love the kind of chubby geek!grrl.
They have names?
Okay, yeah, totally my favorite baby young actor. *g* I can say that, because Pauley Perette is like, my age, so I don't have to call her young.

I want one.

I wonder if he cooks. *g*
Also? If Eric Stoltz is the fortyish Matthew, Matthew Gray Gubler is about what he would have been when he was twenty, before he started sublimating by hitting the gym obsessively.
The bone structure and the hair are right, anyway. *g* And Matthew? So geeky.

Best actor website evar.





And I know exactly how he feels. I love the "They cut my hair so I look like Crispin Glover" thing. *g*

Also, IMDB has headshots. He is clinically unglamorous. *loffs*


Re: geekboyloff

Re: kissing girls

I refer you to Revenge of the Nerds for a discussion of nerds and sex.
Just when you think the world has passed you by, a Frank Zappa riff pops up!
Heh, and there I was wondering "Is she referencing Armegeddon Rag? Or am I just desperately in need of tea?"

I think I'll go get my tea now.
what to wear to the temp agency this afternoon when I go in for my interview, such as it is likely to be.

Good luck. Good jobs.
I hope you get well soon :) And good luck with the interview.
and a teal blue tank with a built-in bra. contact lenses.

I should read more carefully, for a moment there I was wondering how a tank top could have built-in contact lenses :)

Well, some people paint eyes in their cleavage....
Well, that's often the only way to get some men to look you in the eye :)
...I just realized that I, for the first time in my life, have a *real* poncho. (It's not Mexican; it's Peruvian. Made from real llama. Two, actually; one has llamas woven in pattern.)

not a hippie, damnit. I just have attacks of ethnic clothing. I promise not to wear the kurta or the Moroccan jelaba under the Peruvian poncho with the Guatemalan belt and the African boots.

...unless I want to scare people at the goth club. Although I think the outfit needs a sombrero for that. hmm. Can I put together a hippie outfit in all black? Mmm, black wide-wale corduroys, black-dyed hemp tee shirt, all-black Peruvian llama poncho; I need veggie third-world footgear and a hippie crochet hat to have my pigtails stick out of.

I'm so not helping with the what to wear to the temp agency question, am I? How about "don't wear the eyeball bra"?