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I am friend to the Undertow

Well, I'm somewhat concerned that Timothy Closs and Moon Morrow sound a bit too much like Fred and Alberta; but really, colonial corporate overlords in a sticky situation have a limited range of responses. And I guess repeating a trope twice in fifteen books isn't too bad. (Closs isn't actually all that much like Fred. He's less charismatic, for one thing, and more moral. And Closs ain't nohow as funny as Fred.)

I'd just hate to start repeating myself already.

I want to do more with Novo Haven. I wonder if I can work up a good natural disaster to illustrate why everything is floating. I also want to demonstrate ranid biology a bit more, especially their reproductive cycle, because it's coooool. And I want to show off an old ranid.

Somehow, magically, in the last six pages, the novel started to gel. I have a broad idea of what the next three scenes are, which is good, and the foundations of all the major plots and mysteries on the page by the end of the third chapter. So now I get to start complicating, entangling, and raising the stakes.

At least I think I got through the shoals of the worst of the exposition in relatively good order.

And I should probably get somebody started solving the murder, shouldn't I? Gourami looks like se's nominating se-self for that job....

Hmm. It may, in fact, have just turned into a book. At least, I have things that are humming pleasantly in the back of my head. It's clicked, and it's starting to set roots and send out feelers and grow of its own accord.

I like it when that happens. That generally means I'll keep running on a good patch until 30K or so, when I hit The Dreaded Middle.
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