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December 2021



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You know, I just remembered a series of very old Doonesburies in which a Revolutionary-War-Era Zonker is trying to learn silversmithing from (IIRC) Paul Revere. And Zonker is turning out these incredibly horrible pewter tankards, and keeps insisting that if he was only allowed to work in silver, he wouldn't have this problem, that his work needs real metal to shine.

This was me, with regard to writing, four years ago.

These days, I know it's the craftsman's fault when I bitch something up.

I guess that's progress.


Righto, which leads into a bit where one poor black fellow discovers he's been working without pay for quite some time because he thought Massachusetts was a slave state.
There's a bit with Amy, too, butI swear there was something with Zonker. And Mike was having the dreams?

Admittedly, I last read them something like twenty years ago.
Zonker was certainly in there somewhere, IIRC, but not as Paul's apprentice. I'll have to see if my library still carries the big fat Doonesbury anthologies and look it up.
Zonker was Amy's husband...
Amy was Zonker's (and this was the ultimate uncle version of Zonker) husband.
These were around 1976 (for the bicentennial)
Several runs of strips, initially focusing on Zonker's ancestor Nate Harris.
Then, there was another week when Nate's wife Amy wants to be a silversmith, yes, working with Revere.
And a third set of strips with the "slave" (whose name escapes me).

Somewhere around the house, I have to find my Doonesbury Flashbacks CD which has all the old strips...

[Our cat Boopsie was in fact named for the Doonesbury character...]
I was just rereading this era's strips (For research into the late 1970's, see.... no, actually, it was. Not that it wans't fun.)
This summary has it dead on.
Dammit, I slipped quantum timestreams again. I hate it when that happens.

Of course, me misremembering has nothing to do with the point of the post....
How sad is it that I knew this and was about to jump in with "It was Amy, Nate Harris' wife. And she was apprenticed to Paul Revere and never got past pewter...."

Because I have that Doonsbury CDRom, you see. ::sigh::
These days, I know it's the craftsman's fault when I bitch something up.

You mean I can't blame it on the computer?!?

"I'm sorry I'm not a better writer, but my WordPerfect keeps finding these errors but I do that deliberately."
It's easy to imagine that the $3000 Taylor is going to make you a really good musician; it's easy to forget that a lot of the cutting-edge music in the world is played on guitars made out of cigar boxes.