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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

We lift up our prayer against the odds / And fear the silence is the voice of God.

So, I think I have a poltergeist.

Ever since I moved into this apartment, I have been randomly breaking small insignificant things. A knick-knack, a brandy snifter. That sort of thing.

Now, I am not normally a clumsy person, and stuff was literally jumping out of my hands. ashacat offered to have her father bless the place for me; he's a Hindu priest. I smudged: though I am not really practicing anymore, I am not adverse to prayer as a harmless palliative.

Hey, sometimes a little superstition helps.

Shortly before I went to the UK, I managed to break a glass and take a chunk out of my foot. No pain, mind you, but I bled all over the place. Anyway, since I got home, nothing broken. I actually thought about that today.

Well, when I got home from archery tonight, a lamp that had been on my bedroom windowledge was smashed on the floor. And just now, while I was sitting on the sofa, I heard something crash in the kitchen. Well, I eventually got up to look.

A glass that had been sitting in the sink, away from everything else in the sink, had shattered into three pieces.

Okay, I can take a hint.

Now, none of this stuff has been really destructive or creepy. And everything that's broken has been small, nonessential, or ugly. So I'm not upset. Just, yanno, inconvenient to keep breaking stuff.

So. I'm naming him Claude. Hopefully that and a little conversation will make him feel wanted, and he'll stop breaking my stuff. ashacat, if he doesn't, I may need your dad's help after all.

I have warned him, by the way, that there will eventually be a cat.

it is the heart that kills us in the end
just one more old broken bone that can not mend.

In other ghosty news, the Charles W. Morgan is apparently haunted. (remember the model from the Boston science center, buymeaclue and truepenny.

And yes, we can go to Mystic when you come visit for the Shakespeare exhibit at Yale.



A friend's house down in Virginia is haunted (I know this for a fact). After the haunt got particularly lively one weekend, I suggested that maybe she wanted a drink, too. So when we opened the next bottle, we poured her a glass as well and invited her to join us.

The disturbances went back down to normal levels for the duration of our stay.

If you're pretty sure the haunt's non-malicious, it might be worth trying.
Well, I'm leaving milk out tonight. We'll see if it helps. *g*

If only I liked ghost stories....

It hasn't done anything really destructive yet. I'm hoping now that I've figured out it's there, it'll back down again.

The glass bursting in the sink was pretty impressive, I have to say. Okay, it was probably the thermal differential or something....

...bursting a tempered glass. Sure.

Anyway, what does an ounce of milk cost?
Well, I'm leaving milk out tonight

That's what I was going to suggest. It might not be a ghost, it might be a piskie or some other fae creature.

If milk doesn't work, try some single-malt. ;)
Best ghost stories I've ever read were folklore accounts collected from native Gaelic speakers in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. They read like newspaper accounts - just this is what happened with no explanation, no denoument, nothing really big or scary or horrific. Very matter of fact.

Beannachd leibh, Caitrin a Masaitiusadh
That's actually kinda creepy.
Wow. Um. Wow. Well, I hope Claude digs his name and the peace offering of some milk. I think a chat with Claude would be a fine idea. I'll be curious to hear how things progress.
It occurs to me that it might be interesting, even helpful, to try to learn a little about the building you're living in and see what its history is.
it's a block of flats built in the 1960's.

Sorry. *g* Romance-free.
Even if the building doesn't have an interesting history, the people who lived there might have. On the other hand, that would be a really hard thing to research.
I have warned him, by the way, that there will eventually be a cat.

And then poor Claude will cease to get any of the credit for mysterious occurrences.

I swear I could be awoken in the middle of the night to discover that all of my furniture was levitating and giving oracular advice in tones of bone-chilling distress and eldritch wossname, and I'd still just respond by yelling something along the lines of "I swear that if you little beasts don't let me get some sleep I'm going to make you into house slippers! Will you please quit it with the prognosticating and entropy-themed home redecorating already! The monkey servant needs sleep!"

Although I am mildly amused by the idea of some poor unquiet spirit getting cornered in the kitchen by the cats. I can just picture them twitching their tails and trying decide if it's edible. Ohhhh imagine the hairballs...
Yeah. Any spectral happenings in my house would be greeted with "Shut up, you horrible animal!", and me chasing them out the back door. At four in the morning I probably couldn't tell an annoying cat from a ectoplams-dripping horror.
swear that if you little beasts don't let me get some sleep I'm going to make you into house slippers!

::giggle:: In my house, it's, "Shut up or I will PITCH you out a WINDOW swear to GOD!"

Cat slaves owners wouldn't know a haunting if it bit us.
"And everything that's broken has been small, nonessential, or ugly."

So you're haunted by the spirit of good taste?

...Although, actually, maybe that's not far from the mark. I have friends in an old house with a resident spirit who they're mostly on good terms with, but they have to be careful what colors of paint or curtains they use because apparently the wrong ones will make her freak the hell out.
Poltergeist... Yummy. Did I happen to mention how much I enjoy haunted houses? Stratford was great for that, too... ;-)
I once lived in a place that had a cold spot, which travelled and caught people at odd and uncanny times. And things didn't break, but they did most certainly get moved without human interference.

Like the time my car keys went from being in the purse in the cupboard at work to the middle of the bed at home.

We called him George.

The day my cars keys moved three times in two hours, with resulting hilarity and mad searching, I became put out.

"George, if you don't cut this shit right out right now I will call in a priest and have this whole damn place doused in Holy Water! I am not foolin' with you any more
today, I. Do. Not. Have. Time."

It was about a week later before something got moved again, from one clearly visible location to another. I laughed, and put a dram of whiskey in a shot glass on a high shelf for him. Thereafter he got a tot once a week, and stuff mostly stayed put.

I knew of a haunted bookstore too. When the owners moved shop they called me and asked me to help them explain to their poor sad girl ghosts how to go with them, if they wanted, or just move on if it was time. It was rather sweet, really.
Sometimes it helps to ask if the breaking of things could possibly stop. :)
I was going to suggest this too. If you ask politely (and offer the milk), sometimes they stop.
I can send you some house clearing stuff, but best ascertain first if it might be, well, rude.

A friend of ours lives in the Canadian equivalent of the Amityville House and has his own team of parapsychologists. It used to be an abortionist's. He explained to the other tenants on his first night there that they would just all have to get along. So far, they have.
Maybe he's pushing for the Cat Now!!
I wonder if clumsy people are by nature safe from hauntings.

If so, I should be positively golden.
I know a few people who have had houseguests. I'm not one of them. I'm not observant enough to notice, either.
Stinks, too, because our house actually did have a secret passage for a lot of years.
Welcome, Claude, to the mix!
You smudged already, huh?

What about sprinkling salt water? This sounds really annoying and a little scary.
Well, we'll see if paying attention to him helps.
Mebd and I are discussing Phantom Claude right now. She seems oddly unimpressed in that way that she does and is now apparently going off to beat up Marlow as practice for ghost wrangling. :-)
Try inviting Claude to watch Angel: The Series' "Rm w/a VU" with you?