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In Which I Bead a Necklace and Am Used for Wench Sport

Sonya Taaffe (sovay) on Assassin of Gor. A brief feminist reading. With footnotes. (Also, sovay has fantastic taste in music.)

How many feminist points do I lose for admitting to having read several of these, and also having thought the tarn races and pirate ships were pretty cool? The prose is so terrible it actually kind of flows, in a 1930's pulp era fashion. You only have to read about every tenth word. (Pursuant, actually, to a recent discussion of exergasia over at nineweaving. Ahem, commodorified and angevin2)

...they are very silly books.

And, not to damn them by association but rather to elevate them through comparison, tomsdisch and desperance have joined the March of Livejournal. (You can probably figure out who the first is; the second is Chaz Brenchley; love and fear them.)

sartorias posts a longish poem by Ursula Fanthorpe that made me smile, a lot.


(for J.R.R. Tolkien)

In the beginning were the words,
Aristocratic, crypic, chromatic.
Vowels as direct as mid-day,
Consonants lanky as long-swords.

(more if you link-clicky.)

Tags: literary wank, self amusement, venom cock, when i say wank i mean wank dammit

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