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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

according to Locus, via sovay

Fantasy writer Lisa A. Barnett, born 1958, died this morning at her home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, of a brain tumor. She and her partner Melissa Scott published three fantasy novels together, The Armor of Light (1988), Point of Hopes (1995), and Point of Dreams (2001), the last of which won a Lambda Literary Award in 2002.

Goddamit, take that back.


OMG. Damn.
Yeah. Jesus. 48.
I loved those three books; I had hoped for more. Damn, damn, damn.

And she was barely a year older than me. I am so sorry for Melissa Scott.
I read Point of Hopes years ago, not knowing there was a prequel. I enjoyed its blend of astrology, magic, and a quasi-renaissance Europe.

Too damn young.

I am not happy about this. I never met either one of them, but I wish I could at least send a card. Or a blackjack to bludgeon the universe with, I don't know. Whatever people need at times like this.
No, I never met either of them either, but I sort of feel a connection on some dead Renaissance playwright fantastic biographical level.

And, I mean.

She was just 14 years older than me.
Don't see why you can't. C/o publisher or something. (Also, they both have (er... had, dammit) blogs, if you're the sort to leave a comment on a blog. Ain't the same thing, but..)
Well, fuck. That was way too fast. Dammit.
Damn. She and Melissa were convention buds of mine 'way back when I was still in New England--we had so much in common as readers, writers, and horsepeople. Anybody know how Melissa is doing?
I don't, but I imagine an email wouldn't go amiss. And I'm very sorry for your loss.
Judith, if you don't see it elsewhere--

Lisa's carepage
What IS it with the goddamned brain tumors? *rages*

She was younger than I am.

I can't decide if I'm furious, or sick. Or both.

And yeah.
I'm starting to wonder if anyone dies of anything else.
Damn. She and Melissa were here a few years ago for ConFusion. Good people.
while you're on that thought, someone should give her a wikipedia article. I would but I don't know much about her..
That's an excellet idea. I think we have some regular wikipedians in the house. How about it, guys?
I don't know what I can say that hasn't already been said, but she will be missed here too. I never met her, but my copy of Point of Hopes has a special spot on the shelf here, and I just sent my loaner copy of it home with a friend a few days back.