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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

bugger. with a side of bugger on the side.

So as I sit here staring blankly at Undertow, waiting for it to give me an opening sentence that is neither trite nor boring, what do I get?

Oh, nothing but the paragraph I have been waiting for since 2003; an opening sentence for The Stratford Man that doesn't actually suck. (First it opened with the weather report; then it opened with a sunset. Sometimes you just stick something on the page and hope you are smart enough to fix it later.

Christofer Marley died as he was born: on the bank of a river, within the sound and stench of slaughterhouses.

The news reached London before the red sun ebbed, while alleys fell into straitened darkness under rooftops still stained bright. There were those who neither gasped nor mourned to hear it.

It was a bloody end to the penultimate day of May, in the 35th year of the reign of the excommunicate Elizabeth, surviving bastard of Henry Tudor.

...Yep. You caught me. The book really does start Marley was dead to begin with.



'm happy for you.
Yay! Yay! Yay!
Gotta get it past the P&L first... *g*
Dammit. Thanks to you, "The Deaths of Christopher Marlowe" just woke up again in my head. I fear I may spend the next week getting eyeball-deep into all the Deptford info again, and seeing if I can pop the story out this time.

That's a good intro, btw.
Well, write it, woman, because I wanna read it.

and thank you. *g*

beats the bloody weather report.
<lol> I'm flattered. To give an update, "Deaths" has just mugged "Waiting for Beauty," which was the next short story I was going to write until I read your post, and it's currently attempting to sneak up, sap in hand, behind the novel I need to revise in the next week or two. I need to sit it down and explain that my agent's waiting for the revision so she can shop it around, and therefore the novel gets priority over a poet who's been dead for four hundred years.

Not sure it'll listen, but it's worth a shot.

And btw, that icon has always been one of my favorites of yours.
You know, it seems to be a characteristic of the man.

He never shuts up and gets the hell out of my head when I need him to either.
The book really does start Marley was dead to begin with.

There is no doubt whatever about that.

Cool. I like the way you slide a biased political perspective in there right off ...
Hee. For I am clever!

Actually, I am so clever here that I have to brag about it. The book is structured in acts and scenes--five acts, of course! *g*--in two alternating POVs. And then there is a prologue, chorouses, and an epilogue, each one in a different POV from either of the two main ones.

So that opening bit is the voice of Edward de Vere.

I am so smug about me.
Are you sure you didn't have too much fun writing this? 8-D
That's so goddamned clever I'm over here wishing I'd thought of it. Maaaaaan. MAAAAAAN. *MAAAAAAAAN*!

Sorry, did I get any on you?
Yes. In fact, it's smeared ALL OVER ME! Hmph. :)
That's lovely! A keeper.
I really like that.
Oh that's just gorgeous!

When do you know whether they'll publish this one? It's very intriguing.
It's with my editor now. (With the original crappy opening sentence.) It's anybody's guess when I'll hear back. *g* Sometime this summer, hopefully.
Okay, I'm heading to the checkout counter with this one in my hand.

What do you mean I can't buy it yet????


You are the best of Bonniers.
Good opening!

I'm much happier with it. Damned things are never finished.
Oooooooooh word porn! That rawks.
Thank you. *g*
No, I'm not just gushing. Werd!