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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

They wanted the highway; they're happier there today.

There is a mourning dove hanging around outside my bedroom window who has managed to find just the right spot so that his call echoes off the ceiling, and it sounds like he's in my closet.


And! After three days of looking, I have a new first sentence. With which I am ever so pleased.

The morning after he killed Eugene Shapiro, André Deschênes woke up early.

In other news, ashacat utterly kicked my ass at the gym today. BUT! I did six assisted pull ups. Up from two when we started in March.

Wanna feel my muscles?



Nice opening...

Geesh, I haven't thought of pull ups since I was in 5th grade and we were doing the President's Physical Fitness test. And I'm pretty sure I hurt myself even back then. I shudder to think what my body would do to me now if I attempted one. I think that's why I decided to be come a writer- So I could write about things that my outta shape butt has no hope of doing...
Hee. I'm seventy pounds overweight--Las Vegas was not kind to me in terms of my physical health--and while I'm not obsessed with fitting into a size six, I do want to be able to run five miles again.

It comes in handy in life sometimes....
I'm trying to be healthier too, especially as an adult onset diabetic! That's no fun for anyone...

I think I just pitched your upcoming book to the B&N College market a couple weeks ago...
Yeah, the whole health thing gets tricky when we exceed the warrantted 30 year expected product life. *g*

Also, Coolness! And thank you!
President's Physical Fitness test.

*has bad, bad flashback*

Of all the evil things in the world, pull-ups are the most evil. More evil even than crunches.

Go you chicken fat, go away!

Mine were compounded by a late 70s song we had to work out to in 5th grade. The song, which I did find online a few months back, is called Chicken Fat. I see that others have had to endure working out to it as well with a quick google search.

Re: Go you chicken fat, go away!

Re: Go you chicken fat, go away!


Re: Go you chicken fat, go away!

Yes. I scond that: AIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*rejects flashback*
Nice going--six pull-ups! I can't lift my own weight for love nor money (but then, I'm over 100# overweight). I could lift my "recommended" weight, though.

Maybe I should bench-press YorkieCat--all 22 pounds of him would make a good workout, I suspect. (the icon isn't YorkieCat, but it looks enough like him it's scary) I do walk 2 miles a day, and I suppose I should increase that, but I keep putting it off.

Yay, Carol, the world's greatest procrastinator!
The assisted machine gives you a boost. *g* It is good.

And having a girlfried along to grab the bar and hoist that last half inch on the last rep helps a loooot.
I saw that assisted part and wondered. And I just had to giggle at girlfried. I know it's a typo, but it was funny!
hee. yeah, I suck at typing. Cute kitty!

I really like that opening line. Simple, but with enough mystery to push me forward. :)
We have dove issues too. We've had some nesting behind fasciaboards and siding, making odd little noises and rattling around.

Right now there's a pair nesting on the kitchen window ledge and driving the cats, especially Jemmy, into frenzies of ecstatic frustration, because they can see but not touch--no, never, ever touch! Of course, the doves, now that they have seen a cat, are in a frenzy of anxiety ("Don't look him in the eye, Martha, whatever you do!") but them's the breaks when you're prey.
Wanna feel my muscles?

Yes. :-)
I will make a bicep for you at Wiscon. *g*
Can't wait!

Alas, I won't be joining you for a reading on Friday morning (we have timed tickets to Taliesin). I had to ask the con to reschedule me. My reading will be at 8:30 Saturday morning instead :-P

I'm planning to wear my jammies and encourage the audience to do the same.

that sounds like a great idea, though. *g*
Yay first line!

I just wanted to say my library system added the record for Blood and Iron this morning. I have hold #1.

(I hope to buy it outright if the financial situation is looking better by then, so you get your royalty, but that depends on someone hiring my husband...)
I will not hold it against you, I promise. *g*
Mmm -- muscles.

You know, reading these sentences certainly reminds me of the words "Strong openning!" getting hammered into my head in any sort of literary workshop setting. You've pretty well mastered that.

Also, picked up Scardown for my Aruba vacation last month and my dad kept stealing it and not letting me finish. Then he forgot to give it to my sister, so it lives in Cleveland for now. I just had to go and buy Worldwired to console myself.

You've just about mastered ending, too. :)
You are going to turn my head, young lady.

Thank you!

re: Wanna feel my muscles?


love you.
The laws of acoustics are whispering to me....They're telling me that if you stand in the closet and hisss "My Preciousssss" *slobber*slaver* the mourning dove will get creeped out and fly away?