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December 2021



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One for the hope-for-America-yet file.

After railroading, cheating, and outright lies on the part of the prosecution as they worked toward a death sentence--

Zacarias Moussaoui got life.



Your userpic is fitting for the occasion on so many levels.
Good! I don't know how the fuck they can find someone guilty of a crime based on intent, anyway. I don't know of any other crime where intent counts as commission.
"conspiracy to commit murder."

I'm going to go have a good cry now, I think.
I just wonder where they're going to keep him, because as much as some inmates might consider him A Hero for The Cause, I can imagine large portions of the prison population would think well of themselves for taking him off taxpayer hands...

Which would give him, IMO, exactly the martyr status he so obviously wanted.
The guy is obviously nuttier than a fruitcake, as my dear departed grandmother used to say. I don't believe half of what he said.
This is pretty decent news, if only to rob the man of his hoped-for-martyrdom.
You know, I had to get up and do, well, not a happy dance, but something that might, in other circumstances, have been sort of like a happy dance. He doesn't get to be a martyr; Al Quaeda & Co. don't get another propaganda piece to go with the rest Bushco have given them, and the idiot prosecutors don't get a bloody shirt for their collection. And we aren't killling someone who's clearly a couple of bubbles off plumb.

Two cheers, at least, for the jury. Juries are so often smarter than we dare to hope.
But! Did he get kissed and did he get wild?

That was sooo bad on so many levels!
Oh, excellent crossing of the streams. XD


LJ won't let me log in right now

I was having such a shit-tacular day, that almost managed to cheer me up a little bit. God bless the people on that jury for being human and rejecting all the vengeance-is-ours-saith-the-Shrub bullshit. Being executed was probably just what that loudmouth wannabe wanted. And fuck Shrub for saying "well he didn't show that same mercy to the three thousand who died" -- YEAH, THAT'S KINDA THE POINT. JERK.


On another note does it kinda squick anyone else out that Richard Reid, Terry Nichols, Eric Rudolph, Ted Kaczynski, Raymond Levasseur, Eyad Ismoil, "The Blind Sheik" Omar Abdel-Rahman, Ramzi Yousef AND Moussaui are ALL going to be near-permanently at the Alcatraz of the Rockies? Where Tim McVeigh was? I mean, supermax, schupermax, cons always find a way to yak in prison. It's not like they have anything else to do, especially in Florence. One can just imagine the communiques. "Thank you so much for your compliments on my recent work. Of course, I admire _your_ work, too...." Yes, let's have a little Yank version of the Canary Islands where all these violent fanatic psychotic assholes are all kept together in extremely constrained conditions! It's not like virtual solitary confinement could drive them any MORE freaky, right? Oh, what? Pennsylvania system? Pelican Bay? SHU? Nuts!

bah humbug. Yay for the jury system, anyway. (T got called up for jury duty, did I tell you that?)

-- moira

Re: LJ won't let me log in right now

There is no possible communication beween the detainees or with the outside world in this prison and they'll never get out. The fact he was not given the opportunity to become a martyr is the best we could hope in Europe. We have thousands and thousands Moussaoui in all the big (or even small!) towns of the EU, whose are not all as innocuous as this nutcase and who have for long nurtured a degree of hatred against the whole western culture you cannot imagine. The ravings of the man during his trial pretty well express the common feelings of our Muslim youth. A death sentence could have triggered very violent reactions that the European States are currently totally unable to counter. We should have to change the humanist spirit of our criminal laws and it's not politically and morally acceptable in the present cultural conditions. Not that I'd wish it would be...

Re: LJ won't let me log in right now


No, I hadn't heard!

Also, sorry about the shitty day....
Thank God.

I hate the man right now more on the grounds of being a real-life forum troll than on most moral or religious grounds.

Why is it that half the time I despise people more for arsing around than for planning to annhilate scores of bystanders?