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also, why am I up at six on Sunday? oh, right. I blame netcurmudgeon.

wooo, blackholly! Winner of the inaugural Norton Award, and wearer of a really spiffy chartreuse leather jacket, which you can see in this month's Locus.

(per Justine Larbalestier)

Other Nebula Award winners include: Kelly Link, Kelly Link (I think we should just proactively offer her a lock on the short fiction awards for the next ten years; she's the ten-ton gorilla of literary short SFF... which is, you know, funny if you've met her), Joe Haldeman, Carol Emshwiler, aaand... Joss Whedon.


And now I'm off to go fork manure mulch off a truck (no jokes, please) in the service of the beautification of the town of Glastonboring, Quinnehtukqut. Thank God there's still some beer in the fridge and I don't pay for hot water....
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