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ooo, trembly and weak

Well, THAT bout of low blood sugar hit like a brick. Fortunately, tomato juice was present and has been consumed, and I am less wobbly now. (Many, many, many diabetic ancestors: I'm lucky I'm only mildly hypoglycemic.)

I did a little toe-wetting research for THE STRATFORD MAN today and tidied the 500-word prologue I write a few months back to fix the idea in my head. I suspect that this one is going to take a while. I did make a few POV choices today, however. Darn it, I really need to go to London to write this book. But I have a plot, and a beginning and an ending, and an arc in the middle.

Sigh. So much research.

I was supposed to meet with Marion and Ed and Chris today at Outback Steakhouse to do some work on the nonfic project proposal, but that got put off until tomorrow. So I guess my coconut shrimp will have to wait. Since I don't get coconut shrimp, I'm making Thai-Jamaican fusion jerk country-style pork ribs. With white rice for Anji and myself, and tater tots for Chris, who does not eat rice. It's experimental.

Marinade for "Country-style pork ribs" (pork shoulder cut in slices, for you non-Americans out there) contains:

pique (Puerto-Rican style sweet vinegar hot sauce, or your home-made variant),
crushed ginger,
crushed garlic,
maple syrup,
kosher salt
touch of sesame oil
mustard seeds
Pickapeppa sauce, Voodoo jerk slather, or your favourite jerk slather/rub
your favourite hot pepper to taste

Everything to taste, really. I'm a pretty medieval cook in my methods. *g*

Marinate the pork in this. That's why we call it a marinade, after all. When you feel it has marinated enough, take it out and brown it in a heavy pan a few pieces at a time. Add the rest of the marinade and half a beer or so and set it to braise.

When the pork is tender, you can either caramelize it on the barbecue or under the broiler.




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