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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

a belated darling.

Secrets are the opposite of stories.



That's a fabulous sentence. I entirely disagree with it, but that doesn't have anything to do with it being a great sentence. :)
You'll have to tell me what you think of it in context.
I look forward to that.

So...is it a good thing or a bad thing that there are advance reader copies of both Blood & Iron and The Chains That You Refuse for sale on half.com?
It's an annoying and technically illegal thing that that nobody can do anything about.
Ah. Well, I shan't encourage it. (Wouldn't have, anyhow. I want a proper copy from a proper copper new book shop.)
Was that Sandman or one of the spin-offs?

...I think it was the main series. It feels Gaimanish. Right. The one where the characters from the Dreaming tell baby Daniel a story. I think. Gotcha.
Nope. It's me.

This is the problem with life: Neil Gaiman thinks of all the good stuff first.
I have a paragraph in The Gypsy Cab about how the difference between secrets in real life and in stories is that in stories, your secrets always get found out. Dealing with the aftermath, Patches says, hurts less than confessing flat-out.

I strongly suspect the paragraph will eventually have to go. But not quite yet.
Patches is smart.
Most of us didn't plan to keep secrets. It's not like we woke up one day and decided we wanted to be ciphers when we grew up. We just got angry or didn't want to hurt someone or probably we were scared. And even knowing that things get heavier when you carry them, maybe it didn't hurt so much at the time.

Everyone at the barn knows about me but Tamsin, and it's not so much my own self that has me holding my tongue as all the rest of it. And the boss hadn't told her, when he hired her on. He figures it isn't his secret to tell. So it's up to me and there's an extra extra cot. I don't have to tell her if I don't want, which may not be the blessing it seems. There are reasons, in stories, why secrets always get uncovered. The only thing worse than dealing with the aftermath is telling them straight out.

He's such a good kid. It's like my Chinese zodiac water horse joke: totally self-indulgent, but that's what stories are for.
OMG, that's so true!

Damn you for saying something that I knew subconsciously but never actually thought about! Stupid "Well, duh!" moments!

Agreed, although not story secrets need to be revealed. Save those for the rest of the trilogy!