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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

Book # 43: Sarah Monette, The Mirador. Yes, it doesn't come out until 2007, and this was just a draft, but I'm claiming it anyway.

It was good, and I hear rumors she's making it better.

I love my job.


You tease.
This job has its perks.
I would complain about the teasing, but I just got a chance to read my first Uber Kewl Please-Blurb-This Way-Way-Advance Book, and it was everything I'd hoped for.

After it was delivered to me by midget acrobats who descended from a hot-air balloon via silk ropes, I settled back to enjoy a fresh crab dinner, flown in from Alaska that afternoon along with two chefs on a Bantam corporate Learjet. Then, sipping champagne, I idly made my way through the manuscript while a bikini-clad stenographer took note of my every comment.

And then a brass monkey flew out of my ass and lit me a fine Cuban cigar.

{ But the manuscript was good. ;) }
You have a better contract than I do.
Phooey. All Bantam ever sent me was $100 champagne.
Dude! It's a good day when I get walked halfway across a city to be fed dinner.

Anne believes in working for her food. *g*
There's this Magic Handshake, see...
I can't complain no matter how much I'd like to call you a tease. Earlier this week I heartily recommended Jo Walton's Farthing in someone's LJ only to be reminded that it doesn't come out until August. Ooops. Still, I really liked Melusine...

I'm waiting eagerly for that one.


It starts out as a note perfect country house murder mystery in a slightly alternate UK. It ends in a very very different place. I don't know if it's a staggering work of blinding genius, but it's very very damned good.



Green, green, green, GREEN!

Need I even say a word?

*hisses like the Kalliphorne# with enviousness*

#Assuming that's the spelling. Not enough coffee yet to remember Greek, let alone truepenny's riffs on it.
Admittedly, one has to work for it....
True, and then (oh, poor Bear!), the book she ends up with may not be the book you've read, so you'll have to read it over again. (Poor Bear indeed!)

Just don't double-count, because that's cheating, missy.
Well, I know some of the revisions she's making, so I definitely have to read it over again. Because she's making massive changes.
I tell myself you're suffering through this for our sake. It would work if I could believe you were the one suffering, but since you didn't write it, I think we know who really needs cheering on here.

Not that you aren't suffering enough on your own account, although I'm happy to see you're back to plain wrestling, as opposed to the pinned-down-by-ookiness flailing you were going through earlier.