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Tomorrow, I have a character to murder.

And she needs to leave a cryptic message.

Which will not be an anagram. In any language, which she does or does not speak.

Alas, this means I need to figure out who she was meeting just before she got killed, and what particular item of information the meetee gave her. (I know what plot purpose the information serves, but I dunno what the exact fact is, and it's important, because it's going to be a jigsaw puzzle piece for another character to fiddle with.)

So, um, plot. Which is always the hard part. Because it has to make sense, and stuff. Well, no it doesn't, but I prefer it when it does. But I'm also not a linear thinker. So, yanno, this whole inductive thing is speedy and nice and useful... until you have to show your work. And there are a lot of ways in which plotting a novel is like a geometry proof.

But I'm totally NOT PANICKING. Watch me not panic! Omm.

In other news, I watched Kinsey tonight. Creepiest homoerotic kissing scene since De-Lovely. (I have a weakness for factually questionable biopics with Cole Porter soundtracks; sue me) Which is probably because I kept going "Aslan is kissing Chris O'Donnell! Oh Noes!!!"

On the other hand, seriously snappy dialogue. How come nobody told me it was funny? I kept wanting to steal specific bits of dialogue for iconing purposes, like:

"Speedy access to moral oblivion!"

"Let's get back to masturbation!"

"Dear Jesus, a god-damned protestant."

"Rampant adultery is a possible cause of earthquakes!"

"Human beings are just bigger, more complicated gall wasps!"

but what would I use them for? And looking at those, it strikes me that it's a movie with a lot of exclamation points. And the first half is better than the second half.

But really, very quotable.

I told truepenny today that Upset!Felix sounds, in my head, like Robert Culp in I Spy when he's being hysterical, and she didn't kill me with a shovel.

Really, I have better friends than I deserve.

And then I had the scary realization of what percentage of my speech is influenced by I Spy catchphrases. Especially "Oh, the wonderfullness of (X)!" and "Now cut that out!"

Do you think I might be overtired?

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