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[02:10] matociquala: I actually taught a workshop, back in the days when I actually knew something about Tarot, but it's all gone now.
[02:11] cpolk: it's in the book of thoth, for anyone who cares to slog through it.
[02:12] matociquala: Well, no, it's not, because I disagreed with most of what Crowley says *g*
[02:12] matociquala: But this was like fifteen years ago.
[02:12] matociquala: And probably I needed the space for song lyrics.
[02:12] leahbobet: hee.
[02:13] leahbobet: I need to get myself a new deck.
[02:13] leahbobet: I had one briefly, but it was...sorta malicious.
[02:13] matociquala: *g* I really like the German Cosmos tarot.
[02:14] leahbobet: (Yes, in my heart of hearts I am a hippie goth flake.)
[02:14] leahbobet: (The Management embraces this.)
[02:14] matociquala: I have the Robin Wood and a very old Waite deck too
[02:14] leahbobet: I must hunt out a store to get a good deck that is not, in fact, populated by people who will ask me if I have my own Book of Secrets.
[02:14] leahbobet: I am faintly allergic to that.
[02:15] leahbobet: Despite own tendencies. :-P
[02:16] cpolk: i was saying to someone that i couldn't ever greet someone with a merry meet
[02:16] cpolk: with a straight face.
[02:16] cpolk: i mean really, the cheese.
[02:16] cpolk: but Hail Eris?
[02:16] cpolk: no problem.
[02:17] matociquala: dude, hail Eris.
[02:17] matociquala: You know why?
[02:17] matociquala: Because eris is not stuffy
[02:17] leahbobet: Also because Eris is not nice.
[02:17] leahbobet: Merry Meet is very...Precious Moments, y'know?
[02:18] cpolk: it's a kinkade painting.
[02:19] leahbobet: Dunno, maybe this is narrow or whiny, but I can't see the point of people going to do the pagan thing and then deliberately sucking all the mystery out of it in favour of church baking committees and shit.
[02:19] leahbobet: I can't see the point of people sucking all the mystery out of major religions either, but at least there's precedent and habit at play there.
[02:20] matociquala: well, people prefer their religion fuzzy
[02:21] matociquala: witness the progression of the angel.
[02:21] matociquala: from Sammael on down to Michael Landon
[02:21] leahbobet: hee Michael Landon.
[02:21] matociquala: Can you picture Michael Landon saying "be not afraid!" without cracking up?
[02:21] cpolk: hee
[02:21] leahbobet: Me or him? *g*
[02:21] matociquala: You *g*
[02:21] leahbobet: Considering I just cracked up... *g*
[02:22] matociquala: Sammael, now, he hooked up with Lilith. *g* That's an angel with intestinal fortitude.
[02:22] leahbobet: ...okay, I bet they had really, really hot bedroom lives.
[02:22] matociquala: Um, yes.
[02:22] matociquala: One would rather guess.
[02:22] cpolk: sammael/lilith
[02:22] matociquala: You can't make this shit up.
[02:22] cpolk: no.
[02:23] matociquala: Jewish mythology is self-slashing
[02:24] katallen: I don't know... I think I'd have been afraid if Michael Landon turned up annanounced in my bedroom
[02:24] leahbobet: LOL
[02:24] katallen: and even more afraid if he'd told me not to be

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