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semi-weekly congresscritter annoyance note

via feyandstrange, who says it better than me:

You don't want me to be trapped in my house forever, do you? And I'm not talking about stairs; I'm talking about not being able to have the wheelchair my doctor says I need because Medicare says I don't need one.

See, Medicare says you only need canes, walkers, wheelchairs and powerchairs inside your own home. If you can stagger the three steps to your own bathroom, you don't need any kind of help. (gee, those of us with small houses are even more screwed - if it was twenty steps, I might qualify).

Never mind being able to leave the house to say, get a job and go back to work. Or go to doctors' appointments for necessary care. (They don't pay for cabs, either.) Or, you know, have a life - which is medically proven to be better for you.

They sentence criminals to in-home incarceration. I don't think I deserve that. And neither do millions of other Americans....

"Do me, and millions of other gimps, a favor. Write to your Congresscritters."
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