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via perigee (who I should pay to read Metafilter so I don't have to) a 7-minutes sneak preview of X3. Or, five or six rather good actors and whole bunch of winceable ones in search of a script.

I'll be out most of the afternoon and evening, as I'm going to a Peter Mulvey concert in Northampton with ashacat and buymeaclue. Be good. And if you can't be good, be careful.

Or, as retrobabble would say: "partypartypartypartypartypartyzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."

In any case, it means I need to go mop out the truck shortly, as it poured all day yesterday, and water tends to pool in the passenger side when it rains heavily. (Deserts are hell on your seals, and this poor truck has been from Las Vegas to Connecticut to North Carolina to Connecticut in its nearly 17 years of life. Also, I backed it into a stationary object once, which can't be helpful.)
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