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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I found out she's an angel. I don't think she knows I know.

So I watched NCIS tonight.

It was almost like a real TV show for once. They even let Mark Harmon and David McCallum act.

I guess I need to get some words now.


You mean instead of just being the most inappropriate workplace ever? I love that show, more than I probably should.
It's a terrible, terrible television show. But I really adore five of the seven regular cast members. *g*
I adore Abby. She's so cute.

But yes, a terrible show. I'm still interested to see where they take it next year, though, since it's off in alternate universe land, now.
Precisely the reason I watch...

(I suspect I could guess three of them)

It's a terrible, terrible television show. But I really adore five of the seven regular cast members. *g*

Just out of curiosity... which five?

Re: (I suspect I could guess three of them)

Harmon, McCallum, Perette, Murray, and di Pablo
I really enjoyed Mark Harmon's acting in this episode. Gibbs seemed so much more human than he usually does!

Hey, even Ziva got to show some emotion!

Tony continues to irritate me greatly. He's much more aggravating than he was in earlier seasons. I wish they'd stop turning the characters into caricatures. He showed some potential in a few episodes, but this season he's been such a little BOY.
Tony's a shit, but his "Gibbs-until-Gibbs-comes-back" was... weirdly touching.

This show's such a guilty pleasure. And the "9/11" moment made me doff my hat to the writers and actors alike. Especially after the crap Touched by a Ghost Whisperer pulled on viewers, earlier.
Yeah, the 9/11 thing walked a very fine line, very well. The show's been remarkably successful, over the years, in not being didactically rah-rah.

And this one problematized things rather well.

It was, indeed, almost like a real TV show.
Yeah, it is touching the way Tony looks up to Gibbs and tries to be like him (even if he has to grow up a lot more before he can pull it off). He's done it before, but it was never as overt as in these last two episodes.

What did they do on Ghost Whisperer thingie? I don't watch much TV, so that's one I haven't caught.
What did they do on Ghost Whisperer thingie?

Major "special two-parter" where they showed a plane crash into a populated area, replete with the black plume of smoke in just the right/wrong shape, which triggered (in me, and at least one other person that I know of) major PTSD symptoms.
Oh, that's awful! It baffles me why they do things like that. Is it supposed to be clever?
NCIS is definitely a guilty pleasure for me, although I mainly just watch it for Ducky and Abby. :)

Same here.
I don't know how realistic it is, it doesn't seem like a show that's that concerned with that, but I do enjoy the banter. Looking forward to seeing this ep, though, I think UK satellite is pretty close to the US broadcast.