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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Oh, the foolhardiness of involving one's self in fandom politics....

Okay, I'm pretty much a long-time fanfiction apologist/defender.

But am I marking myself as a complete square if I have to ask: what is Harry Potter/CSI mpreg doing on my Tiptree long list?

Juliet gave Snape an anxious look, and then stood aside. "Mr. Snape. This is Nicholas Stokes."

Whatever he'd been expecting, this certainly wasn't it.

The boy -- man, most certainly, this was no boy -- was undeniably masculine. Strong jaw, clean of form, quite handsome. Although Snape could see almost immediately the minuscule flicker of enchantment about him; a glamour, yes, and a deft one. No Muggle, seeing him, would ever suspect the truth.

He met Stokes's eyes and wanted to recoil. Lovely dark eyes, but filled with rage, a cold fire barely held in check as the man stalked into the room.

"You have no RIGHT," he snapped in a voice icy enough to give Snape himself a run for his money. "I won't do it. I will NOT do it."

Snape made himself nod. "In that case we can force you to comply," he returned steadily. "The law requires it."

"FUCK your law!"

"It's yours as well, or have you forgotten that? Living here, so far from the source?"

Stokes paced away from him, glaring at Juliet until she shut the door behind her. With his back turned he hissed, "I don't recognize your law. I don't give a damn about it, or you!"

"Your parents did. Enough that they did what was required."

"I don't care." The man turned his pretty, snapping eyes back in Snape's direction. "I won't do it," he repeated furiously. "You can't make me."

...Not-very-well-written Harry Potter/CSI mpreg, if I may venture a critical comment. Although I guess it captures something of Rowling's style.



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"What is it?" Snape asked harshly. Stokes's face was contorted with pain, nothing of artifice about it. This was very, very real.

...were we expecting this award to be taken seriously?

Oh, right - the Tiptree, bless it, doesn't actually require its nominees to be formally published. Not sure how I feel about that, but it would solve these problems. Or is this why they ask that the long list not be published usually?

And while I should not, perhaps, publicly announce that I can write better than that, I will at least pledge not to use the phrase "pretty, snapping eyes" in anything, even fanfic.
Well, at least don't do it half a paragraph down from "Lovely dark eyes," please.

This is the "Copa Cabana" of fanfic. I CAN'T STOP READING.
Well, judging from this description of the Tiptree selection process, a work needs only one partisan to end up on the long list.
Well, yes. It does.

And yet.

And yet.

There was one partisan.

...of whom I hve just made a lifetime enemy, I'm sure, but...

...some things cannot be borne on one's knees.

So to speak.
I think the inclusion of fanfic, especially dirty, self-indulgent fanfic, in the Tiptree longlist (or shortlist, or the award itself) is a fine fine idea, although judging from the quotes you provide, this one doesn't seem to be notably dirty or self-indulgent. Too bad. (The judges didn't just happen on this one and assume that the mpreg was a notable and original idea, rather than a flourishing subgenre, did they? I would think they'd know better, but who knows.)

It doesn't look any worse than a couple of the other choices on the lists, though. This year seems more uneven than usual. (But that makes it exciting!)
I would nominate some *good* dirty self-indulgent fanfic. I mean, they're putting this up, and ignoring amanuensis1? If they want crackfic....

This is very dirty, if you read on a bit.

And also presents you with anatomic unlikelihoods such as:

Breathing hard, Snape’s eyes met his own.

...did I mention it was noncon MPREG?
Color me equally baffled.
There's a theory going around that it's a protest vote, provoked by the inclusion of the controversial Cross book.
This makes me sad. If fanfic is going to get press/award nominations, why can't it please be fanfic that makes the genre look *good*? PLEASE?

Please, please, please tell me that someone intended that as a parody or something.

As far as I'm aware, that's exactly what it was - the author clearly labeled it as crack!fic.
Gah! I took SAN loss.

Can we put up "Another hope" for a Tiptree too?

Yeah, but you've learned Summon Beast of Squick!

I've just written to them. What they don't seem to have realised is that by recognising something written in the amateur domain, acceptable *only* because it receives no "payment", they have just become complicit in a serious breach of copyright/plagiarism.
I'm not up on the legalities of it, but I will certainly watch the outcome with interest.

Thank you.


And the weird thing is, I usually like her fic. (Well, I did when she wrote Bab 5 stuff.)
Speaking for myself, and not for the Tiptree Motherboard, of which I am chair.

We give the jury very free rein to award, short-list, and long-list stories. We are aware that standards of good writing vary immensely by: education, class, country of origin, native language, political stance, and many more factors. We don't overrule entries on any list on the basis of quality of writing.

The question of copyright and "plagiarism" is far more complex. This is the first time it has arisen, and I think perhaps we should have considered it more carefully before transmitting the jury's long list. We'll discuss it at this year's motherboard meeting, which is (unsurprisingly) next week.

My personal opinion is that there is a place for slash fiction and a place for honoring it; and there is a place for copyright ownership.

I spend my days (and earn my salary) as a publishers' watchdog, avidly protecting copyright in all its forms. I find it interesting that my boss, far more tenacious at this than I, spends her evenings exchanging bootleg music tapes of her singer-songwriter obsession, and apparently doesn't see a contradiction.

I'm sorry this issue came out in this way, and I'm really glad it arose. Thanks, matociquala!
I actually considered not linking this, and just clamming up about the whole thing... but, well. I am a big fan of Wiscon and the Tiptree, and...

Although I tend to think this was a mistake, I don't think not talking about it is the answer. I realize that the jury has a *lot* of latitude...

...on the other hand, listing an incomplete and fairly characteristic work of quasicompetent kinky porn...

...kind of reflects poorly on everybody, I think.

(Highly competent, innovative porn would be another issue entirely.)
Blimey, guv.
Gad! When I was in slash fandom we did everything we could to keep the stuff hidden away where no-one involved with the original TV show/film/book would come across it. I - and a number of other people - even refused Henry Jenkins permission to mention or quote our work in "Textual Poachers." What's more, the lack of slash in 'Blake's Seven' during the broadcast period was simply down to a promise give to one of the actors by a fannish editor. During the height of Hatstand ('The Professionals' slash) we kept thinking about Lewis Collins and that shotgun of his...

The subject of fanfic and copyright is a complex one. In the past, we were fairly sure we were safe in the UK (though not the US) because the protection of copyright only extended to the published medium. So a story written about a TV show was safe, while a video - or, for that matter, a costume - would not have been. The disclaimers in most UK fanzines of twenty years ago would often say something like, "this story is not authorised by XXXXX and no attempt is made to pass off this work as being the work of anyone but [the author]. However, copyright law has changed, and I am not at all sure, from my reading of it, that this still applies.

Fanfic was in more trouble in the US because there you can trademark character names. Mostly, you can't do that in the UK... though there are exceptions.

Finally, it has to be said that I could (though I will not) name a couple of award winning books that were originally fan stories...
*g* I'm sure I could, too.

Or RPG character diaries.
Hoorah for fanfic! I cut my teeth on it. Although it could well be said that I'm still cutting my teeth, I feel I've now upgraded to some sort of bonesaw, or perhaps the pliers dentists use when they think you're under.

I'm very taken with the "pretty, snapping eyes", anyway. No idea how it got on the Tiptree list, although I'm reminded of the presence of LAZER KILL!! on the Preditors and Editors poll.
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