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at the sign of the golden pants:

(More conversations with characters:)

master_marlowe: Um. Bear?

matociquala: Yes, Kit?

master_marlowe: That conversation going on in that other entry. The one about genderfuck. And, uh.

matociquala: problematizing sexism through the mechanic of intentionally casting male characters in a feminizing role?

master_marlowe: *blushes*

matociquala: Don't worry, Kit. Nobody's going to mistake you for a girl. Look at Matthew. He gets the same treatment, and he's totally butchy. He couldn't be butchier.

master_marlowe: (mumbles)

matociquala: What's that?

master_marlowe: I said, Matthew is straight. Which is a silly cultural construct anyway, but he seems to think it's important somehow--

matociquala: Yes, and I know what a sore point that is for you. What about Isolfr? He gets it worse than either of you Promethean boys.

master_marlowe: ...

matociquala: Oh, don't you give me that "He's straight, too," thing. Sure, he prefers women, but the level of institutional homosexuality in that book

matociquala: is probably some sort of a land-speed record. You weren't worried about looking girly when you (spoiler) or (spoiler spoilered), now were you?

master_marlowe: (Spoiler!)

matociquala: See? Nobody's claiming you're weepy just because you're a femme. Why don't you tell me what's really weighing on your mind?

matociquala: It won't hurt. Much. And I'm only going to tell it to about 1091 people.

master_marlowe: Well, I was talking with Lily, and she had some issues with the way the intersexed character in that fanfiction you all were talking about was portrayed,

master_marlowe: and then the conversation kind of wandered around to whether or not it was really all that radical to present a male character as, you know, pregnant.

master_marlowe: And Matthew said something about the Preggernator and then I couldn't get any more sense out of him or Lily, but I have no idea what the unholy Hell he's rabbiting on about,

master_marlowe: not that that's anything new.

master_marlowe: And anyway, I... we... were wondering if you really thought it could be a radical re-imagining of assumed or implied gender roles to have a male or an intersexed character dealing with a pregnancy.

matociquala: I take it from your tone that this does not mean you are volunteering?

master_marlowe: 0.o

matociquala: *corpses*

master_marlowe: You did that on purpose.

matociquala: I'm not sorry, either. It was worth it for the emoticon.

matociquala: Don't worry, hon. You're safe. I promise. The only jelly babies around here are the ones in the icon.

master_marlowe: Thank you.

matociquala: If anybody in those books gets knocked up, statistically speaking the chances are that it's going to be Morgan.

master_marlowe: ...

matociquala: *waits for it*

master_marlowe: Jesus wept, you're a bitch.

matociquala: One word, motherfucker.

matociquala: Abigail.

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