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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Somebody is going to Hell for the "It gets the job done" Bacardi rum ad.

Possibly a whole advertising agency full of someone.

Hell. And not a pleasant postmodern Hell, either.


A Hell where you get gang-banged by drunken demons who don't remember your name in the morning.



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There are much better rums that get the job done JUST AS WELL, girls, for only forty cents more. I pity anyone that doesn't know this. Bacardi is for 14-year-olds and sorority girls (or equivalent).
"Bacardi Rum: Because The Cops Are Really Cracking Down on Rohypnol, Yo."
I love you.
Actually haven't seen the ad, but anything that generates a line like this:

A Hell where you get gang-banged by drunken demons who don't remember your name in the morning

has automatically justified its existence, in my book.
NOTHING justifies this ad. Essentially, it's "Bacardi helps you get girls drunk enough to have sex."
Why can't the ad be more direct?

"Bacardi--the official drink of the Duke Lacrosse team!"
Well, pretty much, yeah. It made my physically ill. :-P

this is slightly inaccurate because the damned thing hurts to watch.

The ad shows too guys laughing and drinking. A woman--characterized as the stupidest stupid person in teh world--comes up to them and says something to the effect of what a good time she had and so on and so forth. The guys are trying to guess her name and run through a whole bunch of women's names as her face falls and she looks more and more upset, and then one of them guesses "Veronica" and she is all smiles, "I knew you'd remember me!"


The subtext is, er, nasty.
And not a pleasant postmodern Hell, either.

This has just become the away message of a friend of mine. Congratulations?
...my meta is growing meta.
So in other words, people offended by those "How dirty boys get clean" adverts (i.e. me) need not apply...? :)

Gah, it's like the advertisers are reading Maxim for their ideas. Wait, they are? NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Feh! Were the remembering of names useful, the bits for gang-banging would be closer to the bits for remembering!
Yeah, also the white guy in the ad is "bacardi" and the black guy is "cola".
Oh, god, I must have missed that, or blocked it out.


Burger King hates women

There is a new Burger King ad that I've only seen once and cannot quote, but it is so offensive I won't eat there any more.

Their whole campaign is based around some huge Texas whopper or something like that and they say "Eat like a man!" and something about 'chick food'.

It was either a long ad or I was so horrified I just thought it went on forever.

I don't watch much TV so I haven't seen it again but if I do I am going to take notes and write to them. I don't know if they'll listen to a 'chick' such as myself, but it's worth a try.

Re: Burger King hates women

The only good thing about that campaign is that it led to a tie-in billboard in a largely-Spanish-speaking neighborhood around here with a giant shot of the sandwich, and the text "HOMBRE == HAMBRE". Anything that leads to cool puns has a seed of neat in it, from my POV.

Which doesn't really excuse the TV version, but.

I haven't seen the ad, and probably never will, but from your description..just *shudders* No. Just no.

Do date rape statistics mean nothing to these people?

I dunno, man. I dunno.
Nice to meet you! And, oh, sure. I'm cleverer than I think I am?
All I can say is, I'm not responsible for my chromosomes.
It's a whole series of really stupid ads apparently aimed at the fraternity crowd. They run pretty regularly on sporting events and have been running for two or three years. Nobody on them is smart. In most of them, Bacardi and Cola look like they're a pretty tight couple and the business with the ditzy girls is just for humor. "Bacardi" is the dumbest one of the bunch.

I never picked up any implication of rape from any of them, though. Everybody's looking to get laid, but that's not the same thing. Besides, it's hard to see it through the racial offensiveness.
Yes, this is one in a long series of...advertisements.

The Mardi Gras one was the first I ever saw, and it was...uh...er...wrong.
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