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created you a monster broken by the rule of love

For those of you who have missed the mammalian assistance notes as much as I have, some critter (and husband) pictures courtesy of kit_kindred:

Remember when I mentioned Mithrandir, the 23-pound recovering feral? You thought it was hyperbole, I bet.

This is what my desk looked like before I moved:

The cat is Oliver (A Roland for an Oliver, oh!), a panda Siamese who passed away in November of 2004. This was taken while he was in his final illness, so the book I was working on (that you can see open on the monitor there) was probably Worldwired.

A panda Siamese is a bizarre color morph of !Siamese that's native to Las Vegas. They look like lilac- or -seal-points that ran through a pan of white paint. If Ollie were black, he would have been a very flashily marked tuxedo.

On the extreme left-hand side of the photo, behind the closed laptop with papers and a Moleskine piled atop it, you can see the Breyer's Uisgebaugh that buymeaclue gave me. He's wearing a charm bracelet made for me by katallen, and being ridden by a suckmonkey wearing a Genre Pirate button, both courtesy of stillnotbored.

Because I know my friends, here's a closeup of the book case. And the cat. You can really see how ill he was in this shot, brave old man.

This is the infamous Marlowe the Fearless Cat. The one who, along with Mebd helped write all of my books, before this one. He's a normal-sized eight-to-ten-pound cat, for comparison with Mithrandir, the grey monster above.

You can see the resemblance between the cat and his namesake, I hope. *g* Actually, I confess to writing The Stratford Man Kit rather like my cat.

I give up, I'm not getting any writing done this morning.
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