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a funny thing happened on the way to the film studio

One of the things that readers ask writers is "Who would play your characters in the movie?" It helps, I think, give a crisp vision to the reader if they know things like that.

For most purposes, in this case, I am absolutely no help. But I have had to learn, you see, because one of the things that editors sometimes ask you is to provide photo references for the cover artist. Now, several of mine still aren't helpful to the casting director (Morgan looks like Brian Froud's "Tapestry" (see icon for a detail of the painting), and Carel is Queen Tiye.) but I did manage to figure out that Matthew looked like Eric Stoltz with more jaw and Julian Rhind-Tutt's Keen Eddie hair, and I guess Claudia Black is about as close as anybody I could picture to Elaine.

Murchaud looks like a taller Ioan Gruffudd with blue eyes. Which, yes, explains a lot about Murchaud. And his social life. And stillsostrange nominated Tony Curran for Keith. So now I can point to him, too.

(Oh, and Lucifer, of course, is Tilda Swinton except when he looks like Travis Fimmel. But he's got that knack.)

For the Jenny books, after being asked seventy or eighty times, I realized that Jenny looks like Buffy Sainte-Marie, horribly scarred and with her hair butched. And if I had to name somebody to play Razorface, it would be Michael Clarke Duncan. And of the Carnival crew, I can at least say that Robert looks like Laurence Fishburne in the Othello days.

Other than that, I was more or less sunk.

Until I started writing Undertow. Which, fittingly for a novel that should end with a caper plot, if it all works out, keeps telling me who everybody looks like. Andre looks like Isaac Hayes, but he acts like John Cusack. Jean Kroc is Jean Reno. Timothy Closs is Sidney Poitier, and Jefferson Greene is either a youngish Derek Jacobi playing a heavy (without the toga) or the Kiefer Sutherland of Dark City.

Today, I realized that Nouel Huc is a Korean Jonathan Rhys-Davies in Raiders of the Lost Ark mode, and gave up. This book has apparently decided it's GOING HOLLYWOOD!

At least Cricket only looks like herself. She must have wandered in from a different book.

...and so to bed.
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