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Once more into the breach, dear friends

I am fifteen pages into my final-draft revisions on Hammered. There is one scene I know I need to write, and I suspect a lot of rough spots that need fixing. And I need some information from Coughlin on how to fix a logic problem she spotted. Then I guess I print it off and start sending it out to meet its fate.

Deadline for revisions? February one.

Then I start second-draft revs on Shadowhand, which I may actually report to the workshop in its new form to give people something to poke at while I try to kill and outline and a draft of The Stratford Man.

After that? I have my choice of Scardown and the unnamed Y.A. project with Cathmar. My target for 2003 is three first drafts completed. Down from five last year, but I'm also working full time now.

All this antsiness tells me that the vacation has done me good, and I suddenly really want to work. Hoot!

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