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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

La la la.

The writer's workshop at WisCon was fun! It was, you know, remarkably like a writer's workshop.

No writing today, for obvious reasons.

PW reviewed The Chains that you Refuse. They rather hated it. The only two stories they liked were "Tiger! Tiger!" and "Seven Dragons Mountains" and those got sort of halfhearted nods at best. Since it's not up at Amazon yet, for your entertainment:

Fans of literate fantasy may embrace the 22 inventive tales in Bear's first story collection, but others will be put off by the experimental entries with their nonlinear, often static narratives and extreme emotional detachment. Little happens, for example, in the opening tale, "L'esprit d'escalier: Not a Play in One Act," about a man writing a play about Christopher Marlowe, John Keats and Allen Ginsberg in the afterlife. Bear (Hammered) is better when forced into the more traditional discipline of the Victorian pastiche with "Tiger! Tiger!" in which the world of Sherlock Holmes collides with that of H.P. Lovecraft. Perhaps the most successful story is "Seven Dragons Mountain," which mixes Chinese dragons and airships, but again a clever idea could have benefited from a more gripping execution.


You would think, if they were looking for adventure yarns, they would have liked the motorcycle story. And come on, there are two shootings in "L'esprit d'escalier." That's *something* happening. Nevermind the general goldfish!

*doesn't tell anybody that "Tiger! Tiger!" is IMHO one of the weaker ones in the collection*

*falls over in a gigglefit*

Hey, at least they reviewed it. That's pretty cool all by itself.

And the cover art is up on Amazon, though they still aren't shipping it. M'e, have you seen any yet?


Bear, at this part of her checkered career, tends to drift off to sleep after more than three or four drinks. *g*

It's a nice thought, though.
You rock. Gigglefits rock.

And "L'esprit D'Escalier" is an awesome story title. (Although, even though I'd known the phrase for years before that, it's now inextricably linked to Abishag Shaw defining it as "A bad case of the shoulda-saids," in A Free Man of Color.)

You know, I have never been to a writer's workshop. They sound rather like a good time.
We finished everything we were meant to do by three, and adjourned to the bar to swap war stories. A good time was had by all!

And yes, A Free Man of Color. I have the last two of those, but am a little scared to read them.

It can't damage my love for the first one, though.
Ooh, you're literary.
No, you're literate!!!
Nevermind the general goldfish!

. . . what?

*must read this story*

I'm sorry not to see you at Wiscon this year: any chance you'll be attending other cons?
One of the protagonists of the story is a carp. *g* He's a military carp.
Remarkably like a writer's workshop in that it was awesome.

Hiya! This is Robyn. I just wanted to say hey, and that I'll be watching your journal now that karenhealey has reminded me of your lj handle when a laptop was handy. We'll try to keep our fangirlish squeeing to a dull roar. ;-)
Oh, you might as well just get used to making fun of me early. *g* It was really fun meeting you!
At least they know to call you Bear. S'funny, it sounds quite intimate, in a review.

And the cover looks fab.
Yeah, but it's not like sleeping with them ever gets one anything.

Isn't it a fantastic cover? Night Shade are boss in the cover art department.
They wanted the focus on the boom.

That review makes me want to read those stories. Your writing about your work makes me want to read your stories. They aren't available in the UK. waaaaah.

I can't see how the sentence that starts "Fans of literate fantasy may embrace..." can possibly not be a compliment. We're supposed to prefer illiterate fantasy?
Note to self: order Chains immediately.

(Wait. Already did.)
Hee. *g* Thank you for your support!
Obviously the reviewer is not a fan of literate fantasy.

Those of us who are will be buying :) I'm planning to take it to Italy with me, asssuming it arrives in time. I figure reading literate fantasy on the hotel terrace beside the lapping waters of Lake Como ought to be just about Nirvana.
Oh Como is a beautiful setting to read any book. More envy.
I'm holding out until the book sale at Writer's Weekend to buy it, but man, the temptation to rush out onto the internet in a buying frenzy is quite something to contend with.
Not on the shelves yet at MG or Ingram -- I say send Jeremy to kick Diamond's @$$ and get the copies out there!
What an extraordinary review: they've obviously worked out that if they say "If you like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you will like," we'll laugh at them. But that's OK, they've got a new twist. It goes:

a) "If you like this kind of thing, who cares?"

b) "If you don't like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you won't like."

I think he's just shocked that dead!Ginsberg and dead!Marlowe have sex on a pool table.

But really.

They would do. Metaphorically speaking, at the very least.