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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

WisCon. We're here to do business.

Wiscon so far, as it is wont to be, is a long blur of cries of glee and hugging punctuated by panels and staying up wayyyyyy too late. Also, karaoke.

So far:

Wednesday night: Got soaked through my underpants and boots (not an exaggeration) running a block from the parking garage to the hysterical society for the Feminist Utopia panel. Did not melt. Not burst into smoking sizzling. Score! Have now spoken to an audience of thirty or so while sitting between naloblogger and justinelavaworm, all of us dripping. The lights dry you out quick.

Thursday: Writer's Respite, which is no longer called that, where I got to put on a completely spurious act as a Knowledgeable Pro for four very wonderful writers. Level of submission was much higher than I had expected going in. We had said what needed to be said by three, and by unanimous agreement adjourned to the hotel bar where we discussed whether decimal numbers were a tool of the patriarchy, and also the male gaze of trees.

Went out to dinner with the usual gang (truepenny, mirrorthaw, coffeeandink, heresluck, renenet, and Rachael whose lj name I do not know but who was v. funny.)

Friday: Slept at truepenny and mirrorthaw's domicile. Got up, came into Madison, luggage in tow. Checked into hotel, went to ten AM reading with jenwrites and two others who I am not sure are on lj. Ran into benrosenbaum in the hall and was nearly late, because he does that to people.

Grabbed a noodly lunch with friends (some of the above plus aitchellsee and stillnotbored somebody else who I am already forgetting in the blut of conbrain. Eee. Conbrain.), then hiked down to the chocolate shop for ice cream, which we ate sitting in a park, picking tree sperm off the ice cream. (see above, also talking again about the male gaze of trees.) Ran into hal_duncan, scalzi, 2muchexposition on the street.

Did I mention I love WisCon?

We then went to truepenny's 1 pm Dark Fantasy panel, where stillsostrange found us. It looked like coffeeandink was warblogging it, but no post yet. Then there was some meandering, drinks and conversation with one of my editors (jlassen) and a bunch of other folks in the bar, then food (Jamerica, Yay! which also involved yhlee) and then a short hiding in the room to regenerate.

After that, up to the part floor, where various connections were made and fun people seen. Cheesecake! Weird Spanish cheeses! Prosciutto! Tor party! (We claimed the sole sofa. Yay!) And then meandered down to the Ratbastards karaoke dance party.


I'm not sure if the highlight of the party was secretmegreader's David-Byrne-does-Devo, or Hal Duncan singing Tom Waits while the entire party circled him, pretending to be staggering drunk and crooning along off-key and out of time, or possible John Scalzi and Ben Rosenbaum performing a strip tease, or... well, let's just say, there was never a dull moment (and several chorus lines) but that was a lot of fun. megmccarron and I picked up Geoff Ryman. By which I mean, with picked up Geoff Ryman. *g*

He's heavier than he looks.


Totally pwned "The Piano Has Been Drinking."


For the record, I had a beer, a cider, and a cape codder (and about a gallon of water and two diet cokes) all night. So I can't even blame the liquor. (I had to be up to moderate an 8:30 panel. Tonight after the haiku earring party is the annual pilgrimage to Madison's mediocre Goth club, though, and all bets are off.)

52 Book Challenge: #46: William F. and Elizabeth S. Friedman, The Shakespearean Ciphers Examined.

Two cryptographers take apart the Baconian argument, and incidentally a few others. They are very polite, very dry, and very, very, very underwhelmed.

And now, I have to go moderate a panel.


The Friedman book is one of my favorite books of all time; their proposed alternate decipherments are wickedly funny.

I think I need to go to WisCon next year; all the cool people are there.
Ha! Someone just asked me if you were here. Oyce, maybe.
Damn, I wish I was there. :P
I praised your books to docdad2, who read them with much joy and adoration - and he is also at Wiscon. Doc has a masters in feminist writing, or something like that - and he's a pretty cool person, if you get the chance to meet him in person!
Yes, I met him last year.

Lovely man.
The writers life/
is the life for me/


the piano has been drinking

i completely forgot about hal's rendition of tom waits till reading this. wow. i wonder what else has slipped my mind?

Re: the piano has been drinking

Booze kills brain cells. *g*

love ya!

No, no - the highlight of the Ratbastards' karaoke party was YOU AND ME DANCING TOGETHER like wild doomed souls in delicious torment as we swooped round the floor kicking the s*t out of everyone else...!

Oh, yeah, and also "The Piano Has Been Drinking." That was good, too.

The Great World of Cheeses was courtesy of Broad Universe, for whom no praise -or cheese - is too strong.

Re: love ya!

Hee. My dancing is not a highlight, but yours sure is.
I totally missed getting to meet you--how did that happen? And how in the world did I miss all the fun of the karaoke dance party? *sigh* If I had a time machine I'd keep going back to WisCon so I could do *everything*.