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WisCon report, part two.

My con reports in general are no doubt a great annoyance to everyone, because unless I bring my laptop *to* a panel, I'm not really capable of generating the kind of detailed panel writeups that I enjoy reading. And I can't quite bring myself to list the people I hugged or bounced at--in part because it would be sure to leave half of them out, and in part because that's only interesting to me and them.

Anyway, onwards to Saturday:

Saturday morning, I had an eight thirty AM panel to moderate: this was, yes, after closing down the Karaoke party and then schlepping upstairs to the Tor party (which was lovely and blessedly not crowded, but suffering from a dearth of comfortable chairs and also windows). This was the Cross-Genre Fantasy panel: I could not have had more fun. Caroline Stevermer, Cynthia Ward, Louise Marley, and Lyda Morehouse were my copanelists on this one. They rocked.

I should say that WisCon consistently has the most interesting and best-organized program of any convention I attend. The problem is picking which item to go to in any given slot; the slots are fifteen to twenty-five minutes longer than other con program slots; there is a fifteen-minute passing period between program items, and scheduled lunch and dinner breaks.

This means better programs and happier panelists.

Then there was a business breakfast of sorts, and some hanging around, and the Dark Fantasy panel, where I met some new-to-me people (notably Tiffany Trent) who would be sort of a joy throughout the convention. My next panel was "Animal, Human, Alien," which I think I could have done a better job moderating, and perhaps suffered a bit from a fizzy program description that I didn;t do enough pre-con work to focus, but all and all went better than I had any right to. (I have a pretty focused moderating style, and an allergy to rambling unfocused panels and/or rambling unfocused audience commentary, and I was a complete nervous wreck about this panel because Ursula K. LeGuin was on it (she is awesome, and charming, and delightful, and charismatic, and witty, and precise, and intimidates the hell out of me) and I wound up overmoderating a bit for my own preference, but live and learn, do better next time.) Other panelists were Liz Henry, Tom LaFarge, David Levine, and Lisa Tuttle. All of whom were quite smart and interesting. truepenny has a writeup of this panel up.)

We talked about shapeshifters, gender politics, fuzzy wish-fulfillment companion animal fantasy, and Stuff.

Sadly, I could not make the Hopkinson/Delany reading, because it was scheduled opposite a panel I was moderating and then moved to opposite a panel I was moderating. The universe got me that time.

I did make the Myth of Class Mobility panel, as prep for my own class panel the next day. Chip Delany v. smart, water wet, Avedon Carol cute and funny when she fangirls, Victor Raymond=World's funniest sociologist and I want a pocket sized version.

If I remember correctly, after this we went to the bar for a while, made it to the Tiptree Auction (it's a tossup whether Amy Thompson, Gavin Grant, Sharyn November, or Geoff Ryman="best bidder evar," but I did get to stuff a lot of money into Ellen Klages and David Levine's clothing, which makes it all worthwhile. Also, David, you are the world's cutest giant chicken.), did not make it into the crowded Haiku Earring party, and then stillsostrange and tltrent and jlassen and cmpriest and I went to the Inferno, Madison's itty bitty goth club, as is the Saturday WisCon tradition. We danced ourselves quite sick and weary, and came back in search of beer (adventure with finding a taxi) and then to bed.


Two nights dancing in a row=too much for elderly bears. By Sunday AM I was moving like a much older woman. I got up, got fed, made my 10 am panel (All About the Benjamins: class politics were a huge issue this WisCon) which was excellent, and Eleanor Arnason is amazing and neat and stuff, and the moderator (Kate Schaefer) was awesome (awesome moderators, as much a feature of this WisCon program as Hello Kitty Vibrators) and all the other panelists Avedon Carol, Rebecca Maines) were a great deal of snarky fun. I think truepenny wrote this one up, too.

Then there was lunch with some new to me people and some old friends (Good lunch! Duck eggs! With Shakespeare snark!), and then there was the Third Annual Campbell Smackdown (a very short sack race. The sacks were short, not the racers.) another panel ("Pushing the Envelope") with Melissa Scott and Aaron Lichtov and Jed Hartman and Joan Haran, who is the panel moderator I want to be when I grow up. She was wunnerful. This I recall as rather a good panel with some interesting things to say, and some smart and snappy audience comment--as opposed to the rambling and nod-inducing sort. We may have all been too tired to ramble.

truepenny came with me to the Chip Delany telephone interview of Joanna Russ; Russ made me cry. Also, she's a huge and newly converted Buffy fan, and regaled us with Tales from the Joss. *fangirl*

Afterwards, I gathered up my fragile courage and went up and introduced myself to Mr. Delany and took personal liberties with him, as instructed by msisolak. I will never wash these lips again. (It was a peck on the cheek: get your minds out of the gutter, people.) (Another theme of the convention: "Chip Delany shook my hand/patted my shoulder/caught my eye! I'll never wash my X again!")

Then dinner at the bar with new friends and old, where a fabulous time was had by all. (I think so, anyway.)

Did not make it to the GoH speeches and the Tiptree presentation because it seemed like my only chance to talk to, er, Chance and Lisa and Mek.

And off to party crawl. Somewhere in here, stillsostrange decided to go to another dance party, and I, remembering that she is something like twenty thirty forty eight years younger than me, went downstairs to play mafia, because I realized it was The Only Way I would get to see buymeaclue. (BearQuote from a game of Thing: "I am suspicious of Hannah, because I am not suspicious of Hannah, because in real life I trust her implicitly, so she could be the bad guy and I would never know it.")

(I was wrong. She is a just and innocent Hannah. We all got eaten by the grue.)

Then bed.


Up, way earlier than I wanted. Food, signout (there may be some embarrassing photos of me losing a fight with a bunch of balloons on the Internet somewhere), food, back to truepenny and mirrorthaw's house. Sleep, up early again, and now....

To The Airport, James!

(Bonus: Bear with a "fertility belt" on her head. What can I say? I need the brain fertile more than anything else.
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