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Book # 47: Elaine Pagels, The Origin of Satan

Not so much about Satan/Samael/Beelzebub/Old Scratch/Lucifer/nihilistic_kid*/what have you himself, as about the first- and second- century CE internal Jewish politics that lead to the writing and selection of the books currently included in the New Testament, and how that process has influences Christian theology through the present day.

No more bloody Gnostics, backbrain.

Just saying.

In fact, I may declare a moratorium on Christian characters altogether.

It's Kit and his bloody divinity degree that makes me read these damned things, you realize? I think it's somehow deeply unfair that my protagonists define my reading list.

*Technically speaking, I believe Mr. Mamatas is only a namesake. But that's not as funny.
Tags: 52 book challenge

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