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no-one ever said it would be easy

From the "any work but the work we should be doing" files, in the last forty-eight hours I have:

* figured out a major point of character motivation in All the Windwracked Stars
* come up with three or four nifty bits of worldbuilding and superscience for Dust
* written the first sentences of two short stories: The atheist died a martyr, and so came before God. and Orm the Beautiful would never die. But neither would he live much longer.. Death is on my mind, apparently.
* (because I don't have enough unfinished stort stories)
* figured out how Patience & Fortitude ends.

Alas for me, when I get home and can work on it (sometime after eight tonight), it's back to Andre and his compound fracture.

*Cris Williamson, in my head. Also, duelling Damian Rice/Emmylou earworms
Tags: lives of unparalleled glamour, undertow
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