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I love Radio Paradise

--it's a Winamp free streaming media station, and it's great. Like having the record collection I wish I had.

Reaction to the first 5K of The Stratford Man from my online crit buddies is good so far, although there seems to be a concensus that it's a little light on the setting. I want it a little on the light side: so many period novels, fantasy and otherwise, seem to bog down in endless description, and I don't want that: this is a fast-paced adventure novel.

But I think I'm a bit too far on the pontillist end of the setting scale right now. Darn that move from SF back to fantasy: it always takes a little while to recalibrate the old setting meter.

I almost have my antagonists figured out, though. And the plot is tickling the back of my head, very lightly. And what's really nice is that there's not a lot of pressure in my head to get the book written now, so I have the luxury of being able to take it a step at a time.

That may change, of course. But I think it has something to do with the fact that the other novels I've finished have had years of stewing time, and this is a reasonably fresh idea. So it hasn't built up the kind of brain pressure the other ones have, and I'm designing it as part of the writing process. So it's more comfortable than other books have been, for all that the research scares me stiff.

I'd be pretty happy, actually, if I continue to get it in chapter-sized chunks....
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