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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

strange news has come to town, strange news is carried

Jesus fuck. I'm in this anthology?


...does this mean I need to start taking myself seriously as an artist now?

you'd think she'd loved an won
and he proved deceitful


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Hey, I hear you're coming to Seattle for Writers Weekend. Looking forward to meeting you after following your journal all this time!
Holy crap, Batman! That's some rarefied company you're keeping! Congratulations! Yes, you must take yourself seriously as an artist now. I think that means that you're supposed to have a favorite table at a local restaurant that no one else is allowed to use, or you throw a hissy fit, right?

It's funny to hear someone else quoting Steeleye Span lyrics.
*g* Well, not exactly Steeleye Span. I don't have their version of that, and it's a traditional song.

Older than Maddy Prior. (TM)

and another thing...

Jesus fuck. I'm in this anthology?...

You know Larry Niven and Kage Baker, et al, are thinking the exact same thing, right?

Wow! Good company, although I wouldn't call it rareified company. Not for you, that is. (I would of course need an oxygen tank and a handful of tranquilizers, and would be staying quietly in the background offering to fetch coffee and biting my tongue lest I squee.) But really, I'm not at all surprised to see you on that list; you fit in well there.

I thought "taking oneself seriously as an artist" meant itemizing deductions for the art? I mean, it's not like you said Artist, with a capital A. Or does it mmean you let squeeing fans buy you dinner?
...does this mean I need to start taking myself seriously as an artist now?

...I mean... how the hell should I know? Just be Bear! :D

Whoo hoo, congratulations! :)
Dunno! But congratulations.
You rock. :)

What she said! Huzzah!
Nice company you're keeping...congrats!
...does this mean I need to start taking myself seriously as an artist now?

Only to the extent that being a serious artist allows one to drink lots of Scotch :)

Congratulations! That looks like a wonderful anthology to be in. Or even just to buy and read. *g*
I am so sorry we never got to sit down at WisCon.

Drat it.

Con too short, and a good thing, or none of us would have made it.
Robyn Hitchcock? *That* Robyn Hitchcock???

I'm off to do some digging....
I don't see why!

(But congratulations. ::confetti::)
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