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I hope you believe me when I say I'm trying.

Last night, thecoughlin and netcurmudgeon and ashacat were here for Thai takeaway and beer (mmm, beef yellow curry, mmmm) and the latter two brought over their recently obtained copy of The Chains that you Refuse. So.

I have seen one. And held it in my grubby paws. It is pretty and real. (And I signed it. The rule is, the first copy of any given book I sign gets a #1 on it. It's the extremely limited hand-numbered signed edition. *g* )

And I am officially a mid-list author now, as Hammered is still in print, so that puts me over the five book mark. I had to run and get copies of the other four so that netcurmudgeon could take a picture. Which perhaps he will be kind enough to post at some point, if I don't look too ugly in it.

God, sometimes I love my job.

...he made me give the book back at the end of the night, though!
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