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I just figured out why so much of this feels shallow, and I know the character motivations are not on the page. This book is coming together the same way Carnival and One-Eyed Jack did.

Which is to say, plot-first, and I'm going to have to go back and put in things like theme and character later.

Which is always kind of weird for me, because I am generally speaking a character-driven writer, and it's the part of the story I care most about. So they feel kind of odd and off-balance to me while that isn't in there yet. Like, I can't tell if the story is working, because... there's not so much to go on with regard to that yet.

I have ideas. I have bunches of ideas as to what need to happen to develop it.

But right now, I am just progressing the plot.

Also, as promised, some somewhat unflattering pics of me with the spoils of my publishing career. Also, some nicer pics of my cute friends. 
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