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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


I just figured out why so much of this feels shallow, and I know the character motivations are not on the page. This book is coming together the same way Carnival and One-Eyed Jack did.

Which is to say, plot-first, and I'm going to have to go back and put in things like theme and character later.

Which is always kind of weird for me, because I am generally speaking a character-driven writer, and it's the part of the story I care most about. So they feel kind of odd and off-balance to me while that isn't in there yet. Like, I can't tell if the story is working, because... there's not so much to go on with regard to that yet.

I have ideas. I have bunches of ideas as to what need to happen to develop it.

But right now, I am just progressing the plot.

Also, as promised, some somewhat unflattering pics of me with the spoils of my publishing career. Also, some nicer pics of my cute friends. 


Yay! You rock!
Your books are getting bigger!

That's awesome to have all those books in print at once. You should feel very good.

And I like the shirt though I am still trying to figure out what's on it.

I would give anything to be a better plot writer than I am (well, maybe not anything but a lot.) I tend to either kill the plot dead with 'stuff' that moves nothing forward or get so convoluted it chokes on its own idiocies. Which is to say that I don't envy you trying to write plot before character, etc. that would be a hard slog.
The shirt has many weird little embroidered whosamagummies on it. We spent many hours, in college, trying to figure out what they were. Some are maybe scorpions, and some are maybe palm trees, and some are maybe cats, and some are like nothing of this earth.
Boy, that would be weird. I usually don't figure out what the plot of something was until I'm almost done with it... How strange to get that part first. No wonder you're a little discombobulated!
Hey, it beats having a big pile of character and having to go back and make it have a plot on draft #2. I try to get the stuff I'm not as good at out of the way as soon as possible, knowing it's going to need the most work in drafts.

Ah, the happy cackle of glee of a lady who's just hit mid-list.

New glasses?
Same old glasses.
Oh! I just realized--I am almost always wearing my contacts in photos, because I usually only wear the glasses at home.
That might be it, although for some reason I had you mentally down as wearing lighter-colored frames. I blame my unreliable memory.
Ah, it's a relief to see that others have plot first manuscripts as well. With all the "character drive" advice, I was starting to think I was doing it all wrong (I'm doing lots of stuff wrong, but that's why I'm still learning). :)
The b*&k has its own ideas. We just nod and smile and try not to get in the way too much.

It's a bit like being married to a tyrannical diva.
hi, can i friend?
Sure, come on in. I'm trying not to read much lj until I am done with this draft, so please don't feel I'm spurning you if I don't friend back.

Nice to meet you!
I'm going to have to go back and put in things like theme and character later.

I do that a lot and I always feel terribly guilty about it, like I'm violating some moral stricture. But hey, politics, sausages, novels.
As long as it's there by the time it hits the printer, we're cool.

Writing is THANK GOD still not a performance art. Mostly.