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Here is your love, for all this.

Because I needed another homeless short story to follow me home and then loll about unfinished making dust bunnies, one mugged me with four pages of prose this morning. When I was supposed to be writing that book.

This one is about Matthew Magus shortly before Blood & Iron, a basketball game, three stalkery freshman girls at Hunter College (one of whom, the redoubtable Ms. Melissa Martinchek, has cameo appearances in Blood & Iron and Whiskey & Water and will have a more substantial role in Patience & Fortitude), and a cockatrice, which is to say the offspring of an egg laid by a rooster, and hatched by a serpent.

It hasn't a title yet, because the best one I can come up with is "Hen's Teeth." writer's group wants me to call it "The Venom Cock."

Quick, somebody come up with a good reason not to.
Tags: short fiction, venom cock

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